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However, it is best to use the thumb layout while playing Free Fire, since the game doesn’t have any complicated in-game mechanisms. You can quickly adapt yourself to the controls in Free Fire, unlike PUBG Mobile.

Most of the players push towards the centre of the map to get as many kills and also to stay safe from the collapsing safe zone. But if timed right, you can choose to stick to the end of the safe zone, where you will not find as many combat situations.


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Advanced Aim: recommended when the opponent is at a distance.


#6: Take fights in shrink zone

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Free Fire: Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

9. Jump – Jumping while killing anyone is one of the best ways to kill in the free fire.

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With that, you will be able to stand out even with so many opponents in this world-renowned game!


So, do not attack other players right after you land on the island. If you get attacked, do not fight back. At this stage, only luck determines which player will beat the other one, not skill. Your goal should be staying away from other players as long as possible and let them kill each other. Sprint to a building or hop into a vehicle and move away from the conflict. You should be collecting loot and preparing for the end game. It is possible to win Free Fire by shooting only once – you need to kill only one player to become the king of the island if you play your cards right.

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The other six characters offer the following benefits:

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You have probably noticed that your sights turn red from time to time, just for a couple seconds. Well, there is a reason for that: It means there is an enemy in front of you and if you pull the trigger when the sights turn red, you hit him. This applies both to aim mode (which you activate by pressing the right mouse button) and regular mode. When your sights start to glow red, pull the trigger – it is a visual clue that you can hit the enemy. It does not guarantee that you will score, for example, a headshot, but it guarantees that you will damage your opponent. If you are having trouble shooting your enemies, watch out for this visual clue.

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Enable the default aim precision.

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Any battle game is a combination of wits, skills and the ability to focus on many things at one time. When you are engaged in a firefight remember to keep moving on. A lot of players don’t move during the fight as they want to focus on their target but at the same time, you also risk being shot by being stationary.

HUD Layout

Keep Moving

PUBG Tips and Tricks: Both beginner and advanced tricks

P or end, my tip will address two important issues that guarantee their survival in the game:

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Free Fire enjoys a reputation for intense close-range combat, such as every other battle royale game. Fighting at close range is a part of many gamers’ quests to become the last man standing by surviving battles at close range.

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Chances that some sniper is watching you are high. Therefore, do your best to avoid exposure. When the need to travel calls, choose between sprinting all the way or crouching in between covers. Avoid treading on open fields. Establish where there is a cover or building and sprint towards it. You can hide behind trees or grass too.

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Tell your one of the best moments of Free fire in the comments and if you have any difficulty in the game you are free to ask in the comments.

Practice sniping.

80% of Free Fire players get nervous when the shrink zone is near, even if it’s the starting one, and immediately disengage from a fight midway.

Do Not Stand Still

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Andrew – 2% less vest durability loss

Reviving: Don’t lose time when you are reviving a teammate, you can also use the same time to heal yourself as well. Garena Freefire is probably the only game that allows this so you must take advantage of the same.

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21. Be confident – Be confident while playing the game. Don’t think that they look like a good player so they will kill you easily, this mentality will kill you, not the opponent. If you will play the game with this mentality you can’t become pro, you have to be confident that you can kill him, you must give your best to every fight.

Free Fire: Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

Be in a cover or use this technique while looting.

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Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds is a survival royale mayhem available on Android and iOS mobile devices. As a competitor in this third-person survival match, you are among other players who pit against each other for a single survival chance.

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Free Fire MAX Sensitivity Settings

Free Fire Beginners Guide

The safe zone appears on the map as a white circle. A new white ring will appear when the area is about to shrink. Remember to watch the timer as it indicates the length of time remaining before shrinking occurs. With a lot of caution, head towards the safety zone. Remember this is a perfect opportunity for the campers to make a kill, so ensure they do not pick you off!

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Other important tips

Flanker: is the member responsible for diverting the attention of opponents, he creates the crossfire by positioning himself away.

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