Best Penis Extender Nominations: TOP-7 Penis Stretchers Reviewed(2023)

Many men today are concerned about the main question - do penis extenders work? Can they really increase the length and width of the penis? And for how long? Where to look for the truth?

I will answer immediately and quickly as an experienced penis extender user - you can increase your penis with a high-quality and technologically advanced extender up to 3 inches in length and up to 1 inch in width. 

That’s what I did! And with each, I worked for at least 1-3 months.

The results differ for all men, but they will surely be there if you do everything right. 

In this review, you will learn the truth about the best extenders directly from users about their effectiveness. 

After reading the review, you will understand exactly which penis extender you should choose according to your wishes, efficiency, and safety, which is best for you. 

Which penis extender to choose

So, in this review, you will learn about the results that you can get using the following extenders: Penimaster Chrome, Penimaster PRO, Quick Extender Pro, Andropenis GOLD, Phallosan Forte(Plus), Jes Extender, ProExtender, SizeGenetics, Male Edge.

I made a rating of these 7 penis extenders that have positive reviews.

The position in the ranking depends on the following:

● Number of positive reviews

● Number of reviews with impressive results

● Comfort in use

● Difficulties in assembling or using the device

● Specifications


#1.   Quick Extender Pro

Device Type: Rod Extender with Silicone Loop

Features: Proprietary DSS technology to prevent the penis from slipping out

Comfort: special Memory Foam Pads, comfort pads

Accessories: many rods of different lengths, additional springs

Packages: 4 different packages that differ in spring power and number of accessories

> Detailed Quick Extender Pro review

Quality: made in the USA, all materials are medical, the product is certified

Assembly and use: simple and clear. There is clear instruction and routine. You can use one or two loops

PROS: comfortable, lightweight, reliable, works well, lots of accessories, inexpensive

CONS: The loops only fit some, even with the Comfort Pads. Sometimes, there is a problem with the compression of the springs. 

Some men still complain about problems with the penis slipping out. This is solved in case of using Band-aid or additional silicone tape on the penis

Quick Extender Pro Results:

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#2.   Phallosan Forte

Device Type: Vacuum adhesion penis extender

Features: the device can be used with a tension belt and a PLUS rod attachment. Changing the type of tension helps to improve results

Pulling force: up to 4kg. This is the largest indicator among penis extenders

Comfort: the head of the penis is held in a vacuum chamber that does not rub it, and you can wear the extender even 6-8 hours a day without pain

Accessories: Phallosan Forte comes with 3 sizes of vacuum chambers for your penis size, a protector cap, tension clip, tension belt, and penis pump. You can always order all accessories separately on Phallosan’s website.

Packages: You can purchase Phallosan Forte, Phallosan Forte Plus, or both extenders in one package

> Phallosan Forte review

Quality: Made in Germany

Assembly and use: assembly may seem a little difficult at first, but the main thing is not to damage the condom, as it is very delicate. The instructions are quite detailed, but you can watch my video on assembling and using the device.

PROS: very comfortable, does not cause discomfort, does not rub the head of the penis, you can sleep with it, there is a special iOs and Android App for keeping records, German quality, there is a convenient tension level tracking scale

CONS: The Phallosan Forte Plus version is not suitable for everyone, but only for those with a penis size in girth that can fit into a penis ring. 

The bars are close to each other. Also, the accessories of this penis extender are very soft and pleasant to the body but quickly tear.

My opinion: This is the most popular vacuum extender, and no wonder why. You can read hundreds of forum posts where users actively discuss the Phallosan Forte device and its results.

Phallosan Forte Results:

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#3.   Penimaster PRO

Device Type: Vacuum Adhesive Belt Mount or Rigid Design with Rods and Tension Springs

Features: own development of Penimaster PRO Basic for holding the head of the penis in a vacuum chamber

Comfort: the device is comfortable to use because the head of the penis is in a vacuum chamber, and there is no friction of the penis glans with the hard parts of the extender

Accessories: membranes, diaphragms, elastic belt

Packages: there are 4 different packages of Penimaster PRO belt, rod, weight extenders, Complete SET(both types of devices)

> Penimaster PRO review

Quality: German development, all materials are medical, the accuracy of the settings is excellent, it lasts a long time, the package contains a sufficient number of accessories for long-term use

Assembly and use: you need to get used to the assembly and use of the penis extender. It is easy and comfortable to wear. You can experiment with the type of comfort pads. You can use one or two loops

PROS: many options for use. There is a design with a belt and bars and weights. You can change the load and type of wearing to achieve maximum results

CONS: sluices and diaphragms tear and take getting used to wearing the device. Many users need help learning how to put on the extender to feel the pressure properly. 

Pay attention to the stripes on the extender itself. There are only 3 of them. If you put on an extender and 3 of them are visible - the pressure is zero. If only one is visible - this is the maximum tension for your type of springs (3000-4000 gr)

Penimaster PRO results(forum reviews)

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#4.   Penimaster Chrome

Device type: rod strap device

Features: own development - a clip-on system for quick putting on and removing the device. Due to this system, the strap does not tear and is easy to remove and put on.

Comfort: the softest strap for attaching the head of the penis, easy removal of the device using the clip-on system

Accessories: rods of different lengths for fine-tuning, additional straps included, as well as a silicone band as a spacer between the head of the penis and the strap

Packages: one device package that contains everything you need for comfortable and efficient use of the penis extender for many months

Quality: This is the first development of Penimaster. The classic version is still the most efficient, accurate, and comfortable of the other rod-strap extenders. 

Assembly and use: it’s easy to assemble Penimaster Chrome. You only need to measure your user size, and you are ready to use the device

PROS: very high-quality penis extender, German accuracy of settings, many rods of different lengths, comfortable silicone tape for the penis glans. The clip-on system provides convenience when putting on and taking off the device from the penis

CONS: any friction of the head of the penis with the strap, even with different silicone bands and gaskets, makes itself felt with pain and a blue penis head with prolonged use.

Penimaster Chrome results(forum reviews):

> Official site:

#5.   Andropenis GOLD Comfort

Device type: rod strap device

Features: own unique silicone tube design, soft Comfort Pads, gold-plated IPG boom system

Comfort: The Andromedical GOLD package includes Comfort Pads, and there are additional AndroRings that you can put on the head of your penis to reduce friction while wearing the device

Accessories: androring, andro band, andro tube

Packages: Andropenis can be purchased in the following packages GOLD, PRO, Mini 

Assembly and use: standard classic penis extender, but there are additional holes on the front piece for comfortable wearing of the extender

PROS: high-quality penis stretcher developed by Andro Medical company, tested and recommended by doctors, guaranteed to work

CONS: There is no way to use screws to customize the device’s length when it’s already put on. There are not enough accessories for comfort. You better buy Band-Aid to secure your penis head.

Andropenis GOLD Comfort review:

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#6.   SizeGenetics

One of the most popular penis extenders in the world. This is a classic technology, medical device type 1. The device is identical to the ProExtender and the original Jes Extender. 

Developed by the same company DanaMedic, which first developed the penis extender 20 years ago. Thispenis stretcher is presented in different packages. Their content depends on the number and types of accessories.

Type of device: this is a classic strap-on-rod penis extender, in which the head of the penis is held on a special front piece with a strap. The tension is set using rods and can be adjusted with tension screws.

Features: own Ultimate Comfort System, which is time-tested. A unique set of accessories that avoid friction between the head of the penis and the strap

Comfort: different types of pads for the perfect wearing of the device for 6-8 hours a day

Accessories: 3-M plaster, Cohesive Gauze, Comfort Pads

Packages: Value edition, Comfort package, Ultimate System, Curvature Home package

> SizeGenetics review

Quality: all materials are medical, European assembly, quality assurance

Usage: the device is very easy to set up, the tension can be easily set, and there are many different accessories for comfortable wearing

PROS: easy to use, clear setup, many accessories, many reviews on forums from users

CONS: like any other rod-strap device, the problem of rubbing the head of the penis remains. Because of this, discomfort may occur. Be sure to massage your penis every hour of wearing

SizeGenetics results(forum reviews):

> Official site:

#7.   Male Edge

This is a very original device in its design. It is already assembled, and you simply adjust the length of the rods and the tension. It is possible to rearrange the front piece to adjust to the length of the penis. 

In general, Male Edge looks very compact, the device is light. But because elements made of medical plastic dominate its design, it constantly breaks down, and you need to buy more spare parts. 

Great design, but it can be a problem to work with, and there is no way to fine-tune the device for tension and comfort.

> Official site:

Which extender is best for you?

There is no unequivocal first place in the world among penis extenders. There is no golden ball prize in this game, no title of the best device in the world. It all depends on the following factors:

  1. Device type

  2. Wearing method

  3. Wear time daily

  4. Your routine

  5. Period of use

  6. Additional Methods

  7. The size and shape of your penis

  8. Traction level

Let's analyze all 6 points in detail to understand which of the 7 penis extenders presented in this review will be the best for you. 

I insist on personalization, although the manufacturers and distributors claim they suit everyone. You need to build on your own parameters, requirements, and conditions.

1.   Device type

So, it can be:
  - a rod device that fixes the head of the penis with a silicone tube in the form of a loop
  - a rod device that fixes the head of the penis with a rubber strap
  - a combined device when you can choose one of two options - a silicone tube or a strap
  - a vacuum device in which the head of the penis is in a vacuum chamber. 

Tension can be created using a belt or a rod structure with tension screws. That's 2 options. 

You can also mix them, i.e. alternate in use. In the first case, it will be a dynamic load, and in the second - a static load.

2.   Wearing method

You can carry the rod device with a belt or silicone tube.
The vacuum device can be worn with a belt or rod design. There are options with a belt from Penimaster PRO - over the shoulder, through the waist, or over the knee. 

Phallosan Forte belt can be worn only through the waist. Both vacuum devices have rod device options. With a tension belt, you can even sleep. With a rod design, you can't.

3.   Wear time daily

This is critical. The longer, the better the result. But not everyone can wear a device for 6 hours a day. Only some people can do it every day. 

You have to choose - a barbell device with a penis attachment to the front piece allows you to get results faster and can be used even for 3-4 hours a day. Vacuum devices - 6-8 hours is ideal. The former gives quick results. The latter is more comfortable

4.   Your routine

It's not just wearing time and breaks. It is also a massage, warming up the penis with the help of Jelqing and Kegels exercises. This is your regularity, your settings.

5.   Period of use

Some men think their penis will become bigger after 1-2 months of intensive use. But it's not. You are dealing with the lengthening of the tissues of the penis. 

This is a natural process and takes months. The minimum period of use of any penis extender is 6 months. Maximum - up to 1.5 years. And it all matters. 

By choosing a classic extender, you get results faster. A vacuum extender takes longer, but it is more comfortable to wear. 

6.   Additional Methods

These include pumping, as well as penis enlargement exercises. Pumping with Bathmate takes 10-15 minutes a day, and penis exercises - 10 minutes a day. 

There should be a break between pumping and stretching. If you use only the penis extender without additional methods - this increases the processing time

7.   Size and shape of the penis

Some penis extenders are uncomfortable to use according to the instructions if your penis is too small or thin. For this reason, you should choose a more versatile device - Penimaster PRO or Phallosan Forte vacuum penis extenders. 

With their help, you can place the head of your penis into the vacuum chamber, no matter what size your head is or how small your penis is. 

By stretching it with a belt, you are completely independent of the parameters of the extender, the number and length of rods, and other settings. 

That's why it is best to use vacuum devices for men with non-standard penis sizes or curved penis sizes. And they will be the best for you. 

Rod devices are not suitable for everyone and are more difficult to adjust regarding traction parameters. The head of the penis can slip out of them in a flaccid state.

8.   Traction level

Now let's talk about this parameter. Penimaster PRO officially claims 1150g of tension, it seems a little, but it is a very high level of craving that you come to only after a couple of months. 

Phallosan Forte can provide a tension of 4kg. But I assure you that even in 3 years of constant use of the extender, I worked with a maximum weight of 2kg, which was enough. 

Therefore, ignore super traction. You will not need it. Follow instructions. 

There is a scale on the non-removable rods in rod extenders - 3 strips. They can measure traction - one strip is around 600 gr. 

Vacuum devices are simpler - Phallosan Forte offers an indication in the form of a Tension scale, where there are 3 levels of traction - red, yellow, and green. 

But Penimaster PRO offers you to simply focus on your feelings without a clear indication of tension if we are talking about belt tension.


I tested all 7 penis extenders I own. I’ve been using these penis stretchers for 3 years to increase the length of the penis. 

Of course, I'm happy with the result because I'm doing everything right and using the best tools for natural penis enlargement(I additionally bought a Bathmate Hydromax penis pump). 

I'm sure you can too. My result is 3 inches longer penis and 1 inch wider. 

You can increase the length and width of the penis naturally without surgery, doctor visits, side effects, and wasting thousands of dollars on medical procedures.

The main criterion for choosing the best penis extender for yourself is the reviews of other men. At the same time, you should be aware of different types of devices, designs, and accessories sets. 

When choosing, you should understand how long you can use the penis extender, whether you will wear it at home, sleep with it, or go out. 

Are you ready to sacrifice the time necessary to get the result for the sake of comfort or vice versa? Vacuum penis extenders are more comfortable, and rod-strap extenders give faster results. 

Only some men are ready to give in to the result of comfort, which means you must choose according to your preferences. 

The best extender on the market is Quick Extender Pro - fast results and maximum comfort.