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There'll still be there on Monday, of course. They'll just cost more. Check out the full list of available games on Nintendo's website.

Club Nintendo in Australia was launched on April 24, 2008, to coincide with the release of Mario Kart Wii, with the website, catalogue and product registration going live on March 11, 2009, using the same system offered by Nintendo of Europe.[22] Nintendo Australia asserted that the Australian Club Nintendo reward catalogue would be unique from that of Club Nintendo Europe and Club Nintendo Japan, and was developed in conjunction with Nintendo of America. However, unlike its North American counterpart, the Australian service used Stars instead of Coins – the same as its European counterpart.


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Free Nintendo eShop cards are available in various online and offline retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Game Shop, Target, and Walmart.

The Nintendo eShop Gift Card can also be used to begin a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Here are the benefits of subscribing to Nintendo Switch Online:

Ultimately, you can use Nintendo eShop gift cards to pay for Nintendo Switch Online, so it's probably best to just buy eShop gift cards. This option gives your recipient a lot more flexibility with what they can buy.

Here's a fighter that's instantly accessible, offers boundless depth and does all this with one hell of a spring in its step. Oh, and springs in its arms too, as your fighters reach into the screen in an enjoyably pliable brand of pugilism. The chances of a sequel now seem slim, so make the most of a game that's truly one of a kind.

If you haven’t already, set up an Internet connection to your system and make sure your device has the latest system update.

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New Pokemon Snap is one of the more surprising sequels in recent memory. The fan-favorite originally released on Nintendo 64, and Nintendo finally released a sequel for Switch. New Pokemon Snap is an on-rails shooter where you take pictures of Pokemon in their natural habitat. With a lovely presentation, plenty of Pokemon to observe, and a charming loop that rewards those who keep trying for that perfect photo, New Pokemon Snap is a positively relaxing experience that will appeal to kids who love Pokemon.

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there is no “legal” way of getting Animal Crossing: New Horizons (or any of the games in the franchise) for free; unless you win a giveaway with the game as the prize or someone gives you the game. the only way YOU get to get the game for free (without anyone’s help) is by jailbreaking your device.

MyPoints is already well known as one of the most reliable reward platforms for earning exclusive freebies after completing online surveys. MyPoints users are rewarded with digital points that can be swapped later for eShop cards on Nintendo.

My Nintendo (マイニンテンドー, Mai Nintendō) is a Loyalty program provided by Nintendo, and the successor to Club Nintendo. The system rewards allows players to earn points from using software or purchasing games, which can then be spent on rewards such as digital games, physical items, or discounts. The program launched on March 17, 2016, in Japan and March 31, 2016, in the rest of the world, launching alongside Nintendo's first mobile app, Miitomo.

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Looking for an awesome way to experience the killer Doom remake that has everyone talking? It’s still awesome on Switch. Run and gun through maps riddled with skull iconography, bleak decorations, and other set pieces that'll have players greedily ripping into enemies left and right. It's a modernization of one of the greatest shooters of all time, and something that should signal a renaissance for fans, especially with Doom Eternal on the horizon. Get ready to get your BFG on. It’s just like the old days, but even better.

When choosing a gift card amount for that special Nintendo fan in your life, consider that newly released games often cost more than $60 after taxes. However, Nintendo offers plenty of games for under $50 and eShop gift cards can be also used to buy game add-ons like expansion packs and unlockable characters. Any value leftover after using an eShop gift card will remain in the user's account.

3/1/2018: We’ve added Celeste, Dragon Quest: Builders, Darkest Dungeon and Bayonetta 2 while removing Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove, Overcooked, Skyrim, and Arms.  

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Super Mario Odyssey is arguably the best 3D platformer on Switch. Featuring a more open design, a ton of new tricks thanks to Mario's sentient hat Cappy, and vibrant, colorful visuals, Odyssey is an absolute delight. It even has a welcome Assist mode that makes it more inviting to younger players and newcomers. For those with kids who aren't quite ready to play entirely solo, the co-op mode lets one player control an invulnerable Cappy.

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Not A Good Match For: Those who like their puzzle games with a heady twist; The Witness, this is not.

These winning titles will keep you entertained for hours.

Speaking of occasions, 35 dollar Nintendo card can always be used with its original purpose in mind, that is, it can serve as a perfect gift for Nintendo console owners whether it happens to be on birthday, or Christmas or any other opportunity to provide the people you care about with memorable gaming moments made possible through Nintendo platforms. It should be noted that the use of the Nintendo gift card 35 USD is not limited to just the Nintendo Switch console. Anyone who owns a Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, or Nintendo 3DS XL will gain benefit from this Nintendo eShop voucher. It’s a perfect chance to make the most out of your favorite Nintendo gaming system!

@JayJ totally agree on XC2, cant stand the combat system.

Nintendo has a history of developing family-friendly software, which makes Switch the perfect console for the whole family to enjoy. In fact, the Nintendo Switch was designed to be played together. The Switch’s detachable joy-cons make it easy to play side-by-side with your family and friends.

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Bring your tennis skills and competitive streak to the Super Mario world. "Mario Tennis Aces" lets you step onto the court to compete against beloved characters in a series of intense tennis matches. You can even complete missions and fight bosses in adventure mode, as well as take on friends and family in multiplayer mode. If you need a break from rescuing the princess, this Mario game is a good, sweat-breaking intermission. And, it's also $10 off at Amazon.

Editor’s note: This list of the best free Nintendo Switch games will be updated regularly as new games launch.

@Grumblevolcano Yeah it's 8th April on the Official Nintendo UK store.

Why not take a look at our range of Mario Nintendo Switch games as well? Whether you prefer racing and driving games like Mario Kart 8 or a platform adventure like the classic Super Smash Bros, we've got the game for you. 

Journey to the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Shining Pearl!

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One of the more fundamental changes in Pokemon Legends: Arceus include the elimination of Gym leaders who once served as de-facto bosses; instead, the game replaces them with boss versions of pokémon, which you must defeat on your journey. Arceus also places a big emphasis on crafting, and while there are still plenty of stores where you can stock up on essentials, you can also gather and craft your own gear for free. It can be a bit of a grind at times — and the visuals are a bit lacking — but it’s a welcome step in a new direction. Read our review.

This higher-capacity microSD card is perfect for anyone who anticipates buying several Switch games. It works incredibly well and should satisfy your space needs.

Almost every Kingdom Hearts game under the sun has been wrapped up into one new collection for the Switch, but only as cloud versions. This means you need a good internet connection at all times to play them, which effectively dampens the portability of the platform. Even with decent internet, cloud versions can really suck—our unplayable experience with Hitman 3 last year comes to mind—and the full collection costs $90. Some combinations of the collection, like the standalone cloud versions of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX (the name hurts us too), can be purchased for less. But we recommend just buying the games on another console—not only can they be had for less money there, but they’re almost guaranteed to run better on anything other than the Switch’s cloud service.

^ Only the initial release date on this platform is listed.

Baba Is You looks like it could have come out 30 years ago. Its graphics are easily within the scope of what the NES could pump out. Despite that, it’s an incredibly modern puzzle game, turning established video game concepts on their ear in incredible ways.

The Fire Emblem series is known for strategy gameplay, stories of intrigue, and a strong ensemble of characters. Three Houses introduces these elements to an sprawling fantasy world with branching paths and deep customization. 

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Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online

Pikmin 3 Deluxe is the sequel to the GameCube adventures Pikmin and Pikmin 2, but this time it brings the adorable little aliens called Pikmin together to solve puzzles and create structures. This single-player adventure lets players control a captain who can command up to 100 little plantlike creatures called Pikmin. Using their variety of different abilities, you can explore a new world, fight against enemies, collect treasures and solve a variety of puzzles. The game is all about directing them to complete a variety of tasks, with each Pikmin bringing their own special abilities to the table. If this is your first brush with Pikmin, it’s a good place to start.

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In this board game-style game, players pick their favorite Mario character and make it to the end of the game with the most stars. At the end of each round, players will compete for coins they can use to purchase a star through one of 100 minigames. Not in the mood to play a whole board game? You can just play the minigames too!

What new games are coming to PS5, Switch, Xbox Series X and PC in the coming months? We've got the best ones here for you.

However, Salt and Sanctuary is one of the most common names to come up when people recommend Souls-like games, with Ska Studios' release being given the complimentary tag of "2D Dark Souls." The game's combat, level design, bosses, items, and weapons all take clear influence from FromSoftware's Soulsborne series, making the indie game a great budget option for those looking for their next Souls-like adventure.

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What is it? A sequel that brings more multiplayer ink-splatting madness than the Wii U exclusive original and more Splatfests too.

Buy It! Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, $49.94 (orig. $59.99); amazon.com or walmart.com

Gameplay here is all about survival and upgrading your weapons and skills, while smashing demons and attempting to escape from Hell. But as soon as you die, it's all the way back to square one, the House of Hades, to start again. It's not for everyone, but it's the perfect title for anyone who likes their gaming tough.

^ "Nintendo Dedicated Video Game Sales Units". February 3, 2024. Retrieved February 7, 2024.

The Mushroom Kingdom meets Ubisoft's zany party franchise in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, one of the most bizarre mashups in recent memory. This Nintendo Switch exclusive pulls off the collaboration in style by offering a humorous story with great writing and XCOM-style tactics gameplay that is approachable for younger players. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle offers a great introduction to turn-based strategy games and includes multiple difficult levels to match your skill level. In addition to the delightful solo campaign, Mario + Rabbids has a two-player co-op mode and local multiplayer.

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Dragon Quest is a legendary franchise, but many people in the west have yet to experience what makes Dragon Quest so good. If you have a Switch, you can see for yourself.

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The first year of games for Switch really was killer! Just look at that top 5 there, those 5 games alone will be remembered for years and years, and there are a LOT of other absolute gems on this list.

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