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The action-packed gameplay gives off the feeling of being the protagonist in a comic book that’s come to life. The difference is that you have control over some of the decisions your character makes instead of watching passively. While it’s designed to appeal to Marvel fans specifically, this is a solid action game that can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys action games.

While not directly gifting a game, you do also have the option of buying your friend a subscription service like PlayStation Plus. Anyone subscribed to PlayStation Plus gets free monthly games that they can keep forever, with premium titles often offered, so PS5 owners have access to plenty of games. In addition, they'll also get instant access to the PlayStation Plus Collection, a selection of PS4 games accessible for PS5 users subscribed to PlayStation Plus.


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The world of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla is bright, colourful, and huge, spread across lush forests and wintry mountains alongside imposing castles, dark caves, and many different locales to explore. Materials look excellent, and the game's lighting is particularly impressive, creating lots of lush contrast and picturesque moments.

Before you play anything else on that shiny new PS5, you’ve got to play Astro’s Playroom. If you want to know why everyone’s raving about the new DualSense controller, this is where you find out. From using the touchpad to pulling back a bowstring to blowing on the controller’s microphone to generate wind, Sony’s new controller is a futuristic marvel and Astro’s Playroom gives it room to shine. 

— Tells an original story in an established world

4K TV with HDMI 2.1 can do 4K 60hz & 4K 120hz

PlayStation Network Cards allow you to download tons of great PS3 Games, PS Vita games, exclusive PSN titles, and expand your gaming experiences with new DLC.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut still asks Sam Porter Bridges to walk across a condensed version of the United States, precariously stacking packages on his back. But this time, Sam has more tools in the initial leg of his cross-country journey. Instead of spending the first 15 hours walking around with a rope as your only weapon, you can quickly get a gun that stuns enemies with lightning. And instead of winging it in your first combat scenario with a new piece of gear, the re-release of Death Stranding offers a substantial firing range for you to test your loadout.

The PSN codes or PlayStation Network codes are a 12-letter(with some numbers) code used to add more funds to your virtual wallet. These funds then allow you to purchase all sorts of things from in-game apps, free ps4 games, and other sorts of media.

Between its stunning graphical capabilities, unique 3D audio technology and innovative DualSense controller, it’s no wonder the PlayStation 5 is flying off shelves. However, it’s the games that count. The PS5 continues Sony’s ability to deliver captivating first-party exclusives, which are complemented by some great third-party releases for a well-rounded library of games.

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If you’ve purchased a PlayStation gift card from the PlayStation Store, it will usually expire after one year. There is no expiration date on a PSN gift card. Once purchased, the PSN code will be added to your wallet. If you’re not sure if it’s valid, you can try redeeming it with a different code. Then, you’ll be prompted with an error message.

When I try to login to my PlayStation+ account on his user account it says it's already in use.

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Chunks of story content no longer playable

Once you have enough points, you can convert them into PSN codes.

You can exchange the points for free gift cards to PSN, Visa, Amazon, or free Xbox codes.

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The best part? No fees when you purchase Bitcoin on Paxful. That means you get more crypto for your money. Thanks to nearly 400 payment methods available on the platform, you can turn your cash into Bitcoin with online wallets or bank transfers. You can also trade other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum for Bitcoin, or even sell gift cards to get fractions of BTC in return.

Sony’s PlayStation Plus is a service that you subscribe to for your PlayStation console. It’s available for both PS4 and PS5 owners, and serves as a way to get free games every single month just for subscribing to the service.

Try joining all those giveaways. Some may be for PayPal Cash while some may just give away play station codes. Join them, complete tasks and try to win it.

In the list of the top five selling consoles of all time, PlayStations take up three spots! The PlayStation 2 is the number one selling console of all time with 159 million sales. The PlayStation 4 is number four, and the PlayStation 1 is number five.

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Fortnite has a 120Hz mode and isn't listed here. 🤓

Well, a salty gamer would tell you that there are not many PS5 games to begin with, and they’re not far off. Yes, there’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which is an amazing addition to the Spider-Man PlayStation universe thanks to its spiced-up gameplay, unique characters and well-paced story. Then there’s Demon’s Souls, which not only made the first FromSoftware Souls game accessible, but also rebuilt the entire game from the ground up. Bluepoint’s vision of Demon’s Souls involves colorful worlds, grandiose battles and bombastic music compositions.

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Classic 3D platforming with strong co-op

The game was originally announced in September 2024 and was initially planned for a 2024 release, but with the issues brought on by the world pandemic of COVID-19, the game’s launch was delayed to 2024.

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Originally announced in 2024, the gameplay trailer revealed some core similarities with its predecessors, including the comeback of the GT Simulation Mode and a single-player campaign. There were several elements shown in the trailer which are features that have been absent from the latest titles but will be making a comeback in Gran Turismo 7, such as certain racing tracks, special events, or Driving School.

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The campaign is a little short for the asking price

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Trapped on an alien planet and cursed to respawn and repeat whenever you die, Returnal masterfully integrates a story into its looping gameplay. One minute you’re hopping over deadly lasers and murdering space octopi, and then next you’re exploring your childhood home and hiding from a scary astronaut man. 

This service also isn’t required for using other online features, including media apps like Netflix and YouTube, or the PS4’s web browser. You can use all these features even without a subscription.

It may be among the weaker PS5 launch games, but Bugsnax is still a joyous romp filled with silly smirk-inducing moments and some genuinely challenging puzzles. Easy to recommend for players of all ages, Bugsnax blends Pixar-worthy characters with a compelling mystery that will fill your head with questions about Snaktooth, a strange island where the animals are edible. 

- Invite your friends

Despite its beautiful, next-gen visuals, Kena: Bridge of Spirits harkens back to action-adventure games of an earlier era. Journey across the world as Kena, a spirit guide who partners with magical critters called Rot to cleanse a corrupted land. A healthy mix of combat, platforming, puzzle-solving, and Pixar-quality graphics make this an adventure anyone can get into.

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The PS5 game box doesn’t appear to have any language indicating that you’ll need the PS5 with a disc drive to play games that come in physical boxes — but if you opt to get the digital-only PS5 when the consoles are released, you probably won’t be shopping for physical games anyway.

Discover popular games like the Viking legend of Assassin's Creed Valhalla for some action-packed role play and adventure. Or maybe you love to imagine what the future holds then Cyberpunk 2077 gives you a great opportunity to experience some radical missions set in the megalopolis of Night City where body modification, power and the race for immortality takes you on an open-world action-adventure story that will have you gripped for hours. And for the sports fanatics, FIFA 22 and NBA 2K21 will help you take control of your favourite teams and go head-to head with friends and players from all over the world.

It Takes Two might be the best multiplayer game of its kind. The two-player adventure game is a labor of love by Hazelight Studios and director Josef Fares. Rather than pitting players against each other, it’s a pure co-op game in which players solve puzzles and platform together. Each level features entirely new mechanics that keep things fresh throughout the 12-hour adventure. It’s a game that was designed from the ground up with multiplayer in mind and that shows. Good co-op games are hard to come by. While there are tons of multiplayer games out there, few ask players to work together to progress through an authored story. It Takes Two is a rare example of a game that cares about multiplayer mechanics as much as it cares about narrative. The story is a romantic comedy about a couple on the verge of divorce who are turned into tiny dolls. They must work together to both get back to normal and repair their relationship. It’s a clever narrative framework that pairs perfectly with a genre that’s built on good communication and cooperation between players. It’s a multiplayer game that’ll save your friendships, not destroy them.

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Short, linear experience without much replay value

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If you want to make more comparisons between the PS5 and PS5 game boxes, here’s the game box for Spider-Man on PS4:

Offering both the base game, A Realm Reborn, and the very first expansion, Heavensward, for free, this trial version offers more than enough opportunity to see whether the long-running MMORPG is for you. There’s plenty to do solo and the community is known for its friendliness towards new adventurers, making it one of the best online games to dive headfirst into.

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