If you suffer from penile curvature or Peyronie's disease, you probably already know how to fix a curved penis naturally. 

What penis straightening methods are available today?

  1. Surgery

  2. Medications

  3. Penis Straightening Exercises

  4. Extenders for stretching the penis

  5. VED - vacuum pumps for increasing erection and straightening the penis

Choosing a Penis Extender to Fix a Curved Penis

There are certified and proven medical devices on the market today that you can trust. They have all the necessary quality certificates and are made of medical hypoallergenic materials.

After all, they are safe to use if you follow the instructions. Of course, you can check all the information on the official websites, but I also recommend reading the forum reviews to decide on choosing a device.


#1. Quick Extender Pro Peyronies and Curvature

  • Price: $179; Money-Back: 180 days; Doctor approved: Yes; Discount code: DEALDAY(20% OFF); Shipping: Worldwide; Made in: USA; Official site


There is a special penis straightening package, powerful tension up to 4000 gr, and many accessories for efficiency and comfort. 


Rods of different lengths, gaskets of different materials, replacement parts, good price.

#2. Phallosan Forte

  • Price: $379; Money-Back: 14 days; Doctor approved: Yes; Special offer: 4 FREE sleeve condoms(worth of $100); Shipping: Worldwide; Made in: Germany; Official site



The best vacuum adhesive device on the market, easy to use, functional ( you can buy the Plus rod design and use it together with the original one)

#3. Penimaster

  • Penimaster PRO Rod - $293; Belt - $271; Complete Set - $337; Money-Back: 30 days; Warranty: 5 years; Doctor approved: Yes; Special offer: click here to learn more; Shipping: Worldwide; Made in: Germany; Official site


There are several types of multifunctional devices at once - Penimaster PRO Rod, Penimaster PRO Belt, Penimaster PRO weight extender, and a classic version with a strap(Penimaster Chrome). You can choose the optimal package for yourself. 


The best one today is Penimaster PRO Complete Set, which includes a rod and a vacuum device

#4. SizeGenetics Curvature Home Treatment Edition

  • Price: - €259.95; Money-Back: 6 months; Warranty: 2 years; Doctor approved: Yes; Special offer: up to 50% discount; Shipping: Worldwide; Made in: Denmark; Official site


There is a special penis straightening package. This is a classic device(up to 2800 g of tension) that is very easy to use. There are various accessories for comfort – 3M plaster, Cohesive Gauze, and Comfort pads.


The forums tell you different ways to use the device for the best results.

SizeGenetics is one of the best certified classic devices. 

The special version of this penis straightener guarantees fast results. According to reviews on the forums, this is an effective device that helps eliminate penis curvature.

#5. Andropeyronie

  • Price: - $199; Money-Back: 15 days; Doctor approved: Yes; Worldwide; Made in: Spain; Official site


This is a medical penis straightener of the highest quality. The package includes all necessary accessories for your comfort and effectiveness. You can use 2 silicone loops to fix the penis in the extender. 

There are different cushions for maximum comfort. It’s really easy to set up, no matter your penis curvature degree. You can find a lot of positive reviews on forums.

Best VED for penis straightening


Regarding VEDs(Vacuum Erection Devices), Bathmate and Androvacuum are the best in their class. Vacuum devices differ in the principle of operation.

For example, Bathmate is a hydro pump that uses water in a tube with a vacuum, and Androvacuum is an air pump that works automatically. At the same time, this pump is almost the only medical device many doctors recommend.

As for any other penis pumps, their effectiveness can be measured by technology, quality, and medical guarantees. If they didn't exist, I would ignore them. 

Also, don't confuse sex shop penis pumps with Androvacuum pumps. Since the pumps from the sex shop cost $30, and their only purpose is a quick erection, their improper use can have side effects.

#1. Bathmate

Bathmate is a water penis pump that helps to improve your erection size, stamina, and sexual desire. This is the most popular device that is effective and safe. 

The water in the tube helps to gently improve your penis size without damaging the penis tissues. You can choose one of 3 Bathamte series that suits you the most. Hydro7 is an old series of pumps. You can use it if your penis is up to 3” in length. Hydromax is 35% more effective than Hydro7. HydroXtreme

#2. Androvacuum Premium

  • Price: $249; Shipping: Free; Money-Back: 60 days; Official site

This is the only FDA-registered air vacuum penis pump on the market. It’s safe and effective to improve your erection and get rid of erectile dysfunction when used daily. You can just use one button to create a vacuum.

What should I know about penis-stretching devices?

  1. FDA approved

The FDA checks the quality of products related in one way or another to health. Most extender manufacturers dream of getting such a distinction as the FDA Approved, but there are no such devices that the FDA would approve.

  1. FDA Registered

Many companies that produce extenders are registered with the FDA. At the same time, many people forget that the status of a registered company must be renewed every year.

Yes, registration indicates that the manufacturer must adhere to the basic rules of the FDA. This also applies to health and safety. Do not confuse FDA approval with registration. 

An FDA-registered product may not be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA )

FDA registered: Andropeyronie, SizeGenetics, Male Edge, Jes Extender

  1. European Union Medical Devices Directive

This directive ensures that only high-quality products enter the market and ensure patient safety. Each medical product is tested for the level of invasiveness and risk to the patient.

Those extender manufacturers who want to work by EU directives can apply to class I. Those. they are non-invasive devices with a low level of risk when used.

  1. CE certified device

All products sold within the EU must carry this label. The name of its manufacturer thus emphasizes that its product complies with EU directives.

EU penis extenders: Penimaster PRO, Phallosan Forte, SizeGenetics, Male Edge, Jes Extender, Andropeyronie

  1. Approved/recommended by doctors

Most of the official websites of extenders have a section with doctors' recommendations. Quotes from doctors who used the device in their practice are given. Many doctors subscribe to the effectiveness of a particular extender.

Of course, you should be aware that such recommendations are given commercially. And yet, the more doctors recommend, the more likely these recommendations are real. 

In addition, every doctor risks his reputation if he recommends a product of poor quality, untested, or dangerous to health.

  1. Scientific research

Such studies on specific penis straightening devices can provide medical evidence for the device's effectiveness. Therefore, I recommend reading such studies and learning about the result of testing devices. 

Look for real documents published on trusted medical sites. You will be convinced that the results of such studies are much more modest than those promised by manufacturers on their official websites.

Penis straightening with an extender

On penis straightening forums, the main talk is only about penis extenders. 

The most popular options today:

  1. Quick Extender Pro Peyronies and Curvature

  2. Phallosan Forte

  3. Penimaster PRO

  4. SizeGenetics

  5. Andropeyronie

The principle of their action is the same - the use of constant traction to stretch the tissues of the penis. Due to the application of such tension, your tissues respond to this with additional cell growth. 

This can help stretch the tissues of the penis and get rid of the plaque.

Extenders are classified as medical devices, and this article will focus on them. I have ranked the best products according to user reviews and the real results of using such penis straighteners.

There are a lot of positive reviews on the forums about specific devices. They differ in their design and method of application. 

For example, there are classic penis straightening devices with a base to which the penis is attached using a strap or silicone tube.

There are also vacuum devices such as Phallosan Forte, which use a vacuum to hold the head of the penis in a vacuum chamber. 

This method is considered very gentle and comfortable for all men. At the same time, one and the second category of extenders have pros and cons.

Let's talk about the PROS and CONS of rod-strap penis extenders

Classic devices with tension screws, rods, and belt or silicone tube( Quick Extender Pro, SizeGenetics, Andropeyronie, Penimaster Classic, Male Edge, ProExtender, Jes Extender)


  • Classic technology gives good tension(up to 4000g) and the fastest result

  • The extender is easy to prepare for use

  • Does not require additional consumables

  • Has a low cost

  • Has no side effects if used correctly


  • Pain occurs within 40-60 minutes after wearing. You need to remove the device and take a break

  • Often, the head of the penis turns blue when worn for a long time

  • The place of contact of the penis with the strap or tube, despite the use of pads, can rub and cause discomfort

  • Possible side effects if you wear the device for too long or with incorrect traction settings

Vacuum penis extenders


  • Comfortable wearing the device even for several hours in a row

  • Minimum possible side effects

  • Does not cause pain

  • With such an extender, you can sleep

  • Softest traction


  • High cost

  • The result will be visible longer than when using a rod device

  • You need to buy additional accessories such as membranes, condoms constantly

VED – Vacuum Erection Devices

The second way to stretch the tissues of the penis is to use penis pumps. The most popular today is Bathmate water pumps ( Hydromax, Hydroxtreme, Hydro7) and Androvacuum air pumps.

Penis pumps can stabilize the curvature and are great for Peyronie's disease. The use of penis pumps is a priority for many men over extenders. 

It's a fact - even though penis extenders seem more reliable regarding penis stretching technology, sometimes it is the pump needed in your particular case more. 

It is very important that in the case of Peyronie's disease, the pressure in the tube does not exceed 250 Hg. Art. It must be understood that excessive pressure in the tube can cause side effects.

How to choose a device from trusted ones on the market?

You still will not find the perfect device for yourself to get rid of Peyronie's disease. But you can find one that suits you best.

What factors should you consider?

  1. How long are you going to wear the device every day?

  2. What do you prioritize for yourself - comfort or result? If the first - then it is better to choose a vacuum device(Penimaster PRO, Phallosan Forte). If the second - then a rod-strap(Quick Extender Pro)

  3. How long will you use the device - 1 month, 6 months, or a year?

  4. What will be the best result for you - getting rid of the curvature of the penis. In addition, you may want to improve your erection or enlarge your penis. In this case, using a penis straightening device is not enough. It is better to buy a VED and do penis stretching exercises.

  5. Are you ready to apply for an extender, or would you rather use a penis pump? This will depend on the device that should help save you from the curvature of the penis. Many men choose an extender, but many want to use a penis pump. At the same time, the result can be equally effective both from the use of an extender and from the use of a penis pump.

The curvature of the penis

It may be acceptable as long as it doesn't create problems. This applies to both aesthetic and practical aspects. During intercourse, this can cause pain and interfere with having sex.

Congenital curvature of the penis

Such curvature of the penis usually includes lateral curvature or downward curvature. Over time, this curvature of the penis does not change.

Peyronie's disease

Such a disease can occur in case of injury to the penis, for example. Only a doctor can help determine this. As a rule, Peyronie’s disease is formed due to scar tissue, which coarsens and begins to create problems.

The good news is that it can be cured even without surgery. Penis stretching can be provided with an extender or a penis pump. Both penis straightener types are effective.

You can also use penis exercises(Jelqing or Kegels) that perfectly warm up the tissues of the penis before stretching. 

If you do not treat this disease, you may encounter a progressive problem - penis shrinking, reduction in the size of the penis, and the development of pain.

I recommend that you, under any circumstances, diagnose the problem only in a special clinic. You can decide on the best way to straighten your penis, but the doctor must offer options. 

Tell him about those options if he tells you something about penis straighteners like penis extenders or pumps.

In any case, you should already know that Peyronie's disease and penile curvature are treated not only with medications and surgery but also with non-invasive methods - such as penis straightening with extenders and pumps.