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This Movie Offiial HD 4K 720p  announces the VOD/DVD release of the martial arts comedy Kung Fu Ghost on August 2, 2022 from award−winning filmmaker and martial artist Jennifer N. Linch and her Nameless Studios. A rare and mighty force in the male−dominated genre of martial arts films, Linch produced,
directed and stars in the action−packed feature. Cinephiles will enjoy the tongue−in−cheek homages to past favorites in the romantic fantasy and martial arts genres. Linch's first movie, The Dream, won Best Newcomer at World Film Awards in June 2015. As director, she and her second film, Flowers of The Night, racked up grand prizes at festivals including iCannes, LA Neo Noir, Urban Action Showcase, International Film Competition Festival, and more. Kung Fu Ghost has racked up accolades including Best Action Film, Best Stunts, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, and Honor Awards in the Netherlands, Norway, US and UK.
Known for her authenticity and dedication to clean and clear shooting of martial arts in filmmaking, Linch herself has trained in martial arts including Kajukenbo, Kosho Ryo, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, machete fighting, and Wushu sword dancing. Her skills are highlighted throughout Kung Fu Ghost.

Synopsis: An adorable and ditsy young woman inherits her late grandfather's haunted estate but soon discovers that the ghostly inhabitants are there to protect the family's secret artifacts against treasure-hunting criminals. Once she learns of an unmatched power and confidence she has always possessed, the treasure-hunting criminals stand no chance against her and the Kung Fu Ghost!

Starring: Jennifer Linch (Flowers of The Night ), Rene Fernandez (FX's Terriers) , Eddie Lain (Promiseland, Shooters), Whitney Wegman-Wood (Valhalla), comedians Mark Atkison (Selena: The Series, Leave 'Em Laughing) and Kiki Yeung (Sweet & Sour Chicks), Noah Sargent (The Radcliffes), and actor David S. Dawson.

Lise Romanoff, CEO and Managing Director of Vision Films says, "Kung Fu Ghost is an unexpected, non-stop action-packed film that will make you believe in the unbelievable! Linch is a talent to keep an eye on."

Filmmaker Jennifer Linch shares, "My happiest childhood memories were movie nights with my parents and brothers watching martial arts comedies by Jackie Chan or Stephen Chow. I knew then I wanted to make martial arts comedies when I grew up so other little girls could have happy memories like mine."

Kung Fu Ghost will be available August 2 on major streaming and cable platforms across the U.S. and Canada and on DVD at major online retailers.