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And that's not all. From Discord they offer us two subscription options: Nitro and Nitro Classic. The first of them would be the equivalent of Origin Access or Game Pass, with a wide catalog of games, although not as resounding if we compare it with these. The second offers interesting extras as a reward for supporting the development team.

However, my methods need you to give effort and luck.


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Discord is a great choice for tens of millions of gamers because it is entirely free. At least, all of its most important features are free, including creating servers, adding members, creating voice/text channels, sharing media, and others.

Generate Discord Nitro Codes for Free ! 🔥

By Rishi Alwani | Updated: 16 October 2018 20:20 IST

Whether you paid for Discord Nitro or Discord Nitro Classic, you can access a range of premium perks with your subscription. Not sure where to start with Discord Nitro?

The Discord Store is currently in beta, now globally

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The passionate players are quite fortunate; the method of redeeming a free Nitro code is simple.

Is nitro worth it? I am very casual user of discord.

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by Richard Bennett Feb 28, 2024 21:27 PM

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In 2024, How to Get Free Discord Nitro Codes

guy 1: NOOOOOOOOO i cant buy Nitro so i got Discord Nitro Classic


While it got its start as a gaming platform, Discord is now used by communities and hobbyists everywhere.

Nitro Codes Generator for Discord

To acquire the redemption, type or paste in the unique 19-digit code characters.

You will be given a gift link, which you can copy and send to your recipient.

By boosting a server, the user gets a special badge that identifies them as a booster and also get a special role designated in the server. A Nitro subscriber can boost one server at a time. Once a server is selected for the boost, the user will be notified that they cannot boost another server for seven days.

how to get free discord nitro xbox

Discord Nitro is the paid subscription for Discord that grants you benefits like custom emojis, larger uploads, profile customization, and more. For your Discord-obsessed friend, it makes for a perfect gift.

Nitro Discord Gift Codes

Can u send me nitro I shared I had shared the website with all my classmates my discord I’d King227#9081.

 – The free users and the Nitro Classic users are restricted to 2,000 characters per message. The Nitro Classic is the low cost subscription plan that limits the message capacity to half, which means you can enter only 2,000 characters in chat box at a time. The Nitro subscription plan extends your message capacity to 4,000 characters at a time.

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In September 2024, Google sent cease and desist notices to the developers of two of the most popular music bots used on Discord – Groovy and Rythm – which were used on an estimated 36 million servers in total.[38] These bots allowed users to request and play songs in a voice channel, taking the songs from YouTube ad-free. Two weeks later, Discord partnered with YouTube to test a "Watch Together" feature, which allows Discord users to watch YouTube videos together.[39]

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With premium Nitro features and server upgrades, you receive a slew of extra advantages that may improve your entire text, voice, and video chat experience on Discord.

Discord allows users to connect various external platforms to their account, including Steam, Reddit, Twitch, Twitter, Spotify, Xbox, PlayStation, and more. These accounts can optionally be shown on the user's profile.[citation needed]

is there a way to get discord nitro for free

We appreciate you considering boosting the Adafruit server to unlock additional capabilities and a banner for the best server on the 'net (so we think). Please don't switch to another server to boost, if possible, and especially if that removal would lower the Adafruit Server count to less than 10. We wouldn't want our favorite server to lose their benies?

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Text channels support some rich text via a subset of the Markdown syntax.[52] Code blocks with language-specific highlighting can also be used.[52]

Tech Enthusiast & Cinephile by Nature / Always on the Beta World / Currently interested in PWAs, Cloud, AI, Ecosystems & Esthetics. But I keep changing my mind faster than Google's Messaging apps.

To be honest, the whole point of Discord Nitro is to support Discord’s development, the free Discord Nitro would be defeating the whole purpose. So it won’t be easy to get free Discord Nitro. Please don’t try the legitimate way to get free Discord Nitro, it may put you at risk. Hope this post helps.

As you can see above, this particular pop-up had a bit of a problem loading the elements, thus the borked look. But we’d like to point out that, while the websites we visited and analyzed related to this scam use the same interface, there are just times when the code breaks and the spoofed URL in the fake address bar doesn’t show as it should. Here’s a better example from a related scam website that perfectly loaded up everything:

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Discord offers more than one subscription plan. But what's the difference between the different tiers?

The deadline to get the code from your Discord Nitro account is October 30, 2024. You must redeem your code on YouTube by November 30, 2024.

Turn your promises to your family in guarantee.

Not everyone needs Discord Nitro or Discord Nitro Classic. Why pay for something that you probably won't use in the first place?

Warning: Those direct messages from Free Discord Nitro bot that invites you to the server usually are fake.

Anyhow, here are some of the best Discord servers that you need to opt-in ⏤ Open Advertisements, Self-promotion central, Jet’s Dream World, Sound’s Spooky World, Dank’s Dungen, Custom’s Magical World. Most of these servers have a small verification process to join like a captcha to stop the bots.

For instance, they can’t use the same emojis on two servers. In addition to that, the streaming quality and account customization features also lack on the free plan. These features and more are strictly for Discord Nitro users only.

I recommend it to anyone who uses a lot of Discord and needs additional slots for servers, in addition, you can also share the screen in 1080p

If you use a mobile device to use Discord, you likely want to subscribe using your app. The good news is that you can, but it’s slightly different than the steps used by PC and Mac users. For example, instead of clicking on the cog, you’ll click on the hamburger icon, which is the three-line icon on the top left of the app.

In January 2018, The Daily Beast reported that it found several Discord servers that were specifically engaged in distributing revenge porn and facilitating real-world harassment of the victims of these images and videos. Such actions are against Discord's terms of service and Discord shut down servers and banned users identified from these servers.[101]

With Nitro enabled, you're able to share your game screen at resolutions of 720p (60FPS) or 1080p (30FPS) and upload files larger than 8MB (maximum increased to 100MB).

bruH, a lot of my friends claimed it for the second time (they were "free" nitro users before). The said trick sadly isn't working for me :(. Anyone know how to do it?

As with many online apps, Discord is free to use while also offering a paid option for anyone looking to improve their experience with the app. Dubbed Nitro, Discord’s top-tier paid plan is available in both monthly and yearly payment plans, granting you a number of benefits for your standard account. From custom Discord tags, animated GIF support, upgraded upload limits, and more, Nitro—in both its classic and premium formats—is a must-have upgrade for anyone who regularly uses the chat service.

If you already have an active Nitro subscription, the gift will become account credit. You can see these in the Subscriptions section (within User Settings).

Discord Nitro includes a broader range of integrations and services. It has a more user-friendly UI and free servers. Discord has many of the same features and integrations as its rivals. Slack and Discord appear on the right and left sides, respectively, and have nearly identical user interfaces.

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Heyo! As someone staying in India, I just got this to work, and I assume in a pretty legal way. (I’ve quoted the discord and youtube people on Twitter) I went ahead and used a VPN by setting it to the Japanese region and entered my card details (I assume mine is an internationally accepted card) and boom, it went through for a 3 month trial. Attached to my normal account as well (was already signed in).

In the center is the Nitro Boost Server selection. This is where you can help Adafruit. We'll talk about that next.

For some, these features are more than adequate; for others, they aren’t! They want more capabilities, and Discord Nitro provides them exactly with that.

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