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Free Fire by Garena has become one of the most popular mobil ..

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One of the best things that will instantly improve your Free Fire MAX gameplay is to be aware of the center of your display. Now, in mobile shooters, the center of the screen is always where the crosshair is placed. Being aware of this and placing your crosshair accurately can instantly make a huge difference in your game.

Some of the players get lured by the looks and power of the weapon. Each weapon has its own use and therefore you must choose the 3 weapons and a melee item available to you, wisely. Choose 1 weapon each for a long-distance attack (Sniper rifle), Close range fight (an SMG or a Shotgun), very close-range (a Pistol). You may choose a knife or a pan as melee item.

Every Free Fire player needs to be wary of looting in the open. It is effortless for enemies to catch you off guard while you’re busy looting crates.


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Garena Free Fire MAX is here and follows the same controls as the standard version of the game. So, for existing players, it is basically no problem at all. However, for players who are new to the game’s mechanics, there are a couple of things that you may need to understand to get better at the game.

11. Walk silently – This setting is very important as if you don’t apply this setting then your opponents will be able to recognize your location and would kill you. For this just press the med kit button once before running. Now you can easily enter a house silently [very helpful in the squad]

The game begins even before you enter the battlefield. That’s right, the game begins with choosing your character and weapons. There are 2 free characters, Adam and Eve, to choose from when you start the game. Other paid characters have different strengths.

Free Fire Hack Esp 2024

To apply this you have to change some settings which include resizing the size of the jump button, this is very important as if you can’t see or touch the button properly then how can you press or apply jump in your gameplay.

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You can unlock these heroes with in-game currencies, diamond (real money) or dollars. (Although, Misha can only be purchased via diamonds.)

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Characters, on the other hand, are different. They do provide an advantage. There are 8 characters in Free Fire. 2 of them, Adam and Eve, are “unlocked” right from the start. However, they have no “stats” and offer no advantages. They are free to play heroes.

Free Fire: Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

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Aim Precision: Use Aim Precision in the game settings and your crosshair will move towards your target automatically. Follow these steps for an auto headshot: crouch, scope, zoom in, crouch and fire.

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Customising the Sensitivity Settings

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4x Scope: 66

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Having 2 long-range rifles doesn’t make sense and neither does having both SMG and Shotgun. You also to be careful about the trade-off between accuracy, range and damage while purchasing long-range weapons. For close-range weapons like SMG or Shotgun you have to concentrate on Damage, fire rate and Reload speed.

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2. Remember that this is a survival game:

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Red Dot: 30

Table of Contents

Garena Free Fire Hack Game Download

This will define your role within the squad. That is, how will you play in each match:

Free Fire MAX HUD Settings

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Remember, there is NO good HUD layout. There can’t possibly be. Again, just like your sensitivity settings, your HUD layout is something you need to be comfortable with. If you use HUDs that work for others, chances are it will not work for you. Also, it is important that you do not instantly shift to a four finger or a five finger layout.

It is also worth remembering that it is possible to talk to the members of your squad. So make use of this feature whenever the team is convenient!

4. Make Decisions – You know that free fire is a game of decisions and if you make a wrong decision at the wrong time then your death is almost confirmed.

Be it Garena Free Fire MAX, BGMI or Call of Duty Mobile, these multiplayer games rely on headshots a lot. You will need to get headshots to kill an enemy quicker. For long time gamers, this is a thing that comes naturally. However, for newbies, it may be frustrating to land those headshots in the beginning.

6. Slow internet connection – Even if you are a good player then also this problem is faced. When your phone lags it’s much frustrating so if you are facing this difficulty then playing solo mode is better, and you can also check this for that.

2. Reloading – Many players get killed while reloading, You may also get killed while reloading so here is a thing which can save you from getting killed.

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Olivia – Revives other players with +6 more HP

Choose to spend your money wisely and buy/choose the characters as per the need of the missions. I personally like Ford but you will figure out your favourites.

Mira Branca: ideal for short to medium distances, as in duels.

It is also advisable to get higher bags for the safekeeping of your stuff. The helmet and vest will reduce damage from the bullets fired at you by snipers. Most importantly, Find these items’ max versions for maximum protection.

1. Utilize the Minimap.

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This feature is somewhat similar to the aim-assist feature in PUBG Mobile.

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