Understanding Lufthansa Airlines Cancellation Policy: A Complete Guide


Travel plans can change unexpectedly, and when you book a flight with an airline like Lufthansa, it's essential to understand their cancellation policy. Knowing the rules and procedures can save you time, money, and hassle if you need to alter or cancel your reservation. In this guide, we'll delve into Lufthansa Airlines' cancellation policy, including important details, exceptions, and procedures, along with their customer service number for immediate assistance.

Lufthansa Airlines Cancellation Policy: Key Points

1. Ticket Types and Refund Eligibility

Lufthansa Airlines offers different ticket types, each with its own cancellation rules and refund eligibility:

  • Refundable Tickets: These tickets allow for cancellations with refunds based on the fare rules. Refunds may be subject to cancellation fees depending on when the cancellation is made.

  • Non-Refundable Tickets: Typically, these tickets do not allow for refunds. However, passengers may be able to apply the value of their ticket towards future travel, minus any applicable change fees.

2. Cancellation Fees and Penalties

The amount of the cancellation fee and any penalties depend on various factors, including the fare type, the time of cancellation, and the route. Lufthansa's cancellation fees are generally higher for non-refundable tickets, especially if the cancellation is close to the departure date.

3. Cancellation Methods

Passengers can cancel their Lufthansa flights through several channels:

  • Online: Using the Lufthansa website or mobile app, passengers can manage their bookings and initiate cancellations.

  • Phone: Calling Lufthansa Airlines customer service allows passengers to speak with a representative who can assist with cancellations, refunds, and rebooking options.

4. Time Limits for Cancellations

To avoid or minimize cancellation fees, passengers should cancel their flights well in advance of the departure date. The exact time limits vary depending on the ticket type and fare rules. Refundable tickets typically offer more flexibility for cancellations closer to the departure date.

5. Exceptions and Special Circumstances

Lufthansa Airlines may make exceptions or offer waivers for cancellation fees in certain situations, such as:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Natural disasters
  • Government-imposed travel restrictions
  • Operational disruptions (e.g., flight cancellations by the airline)

Passengers should contact Lufthansa's customer service for assistance and information regarding specific circumstances.

Steps to Cancel a Lufthansa Flight

  1. Gather Booking Information: Before canceling, gather your booking reference number, flight details, and personal information.

  2. Review Fare Rules: Understand the fare rules associated with your ticket type to determine refund eligibility and potential fees.

  3. Choose a Cancellation Method: Decide whether to cancel online through the Lufthansa website/app or by contacting customer service.

  4. Follow Cancellation Instructions: If canceling online, log in to your Lufthansa account, navigate to your booking, and follow the prompts to cancel. For phone cancellations, provide your booking details to the customer service representative.

  5. Confirm Cancellation and Refund Status: After canceling, verify the cancellation and refund status through your Lufthansa account or by contacting customer service.

Lufthansa Airlines Customer Service Number

For immediate assistance with cancellations, refunds, rebooking, or any other inquiries, passengers can contact Lufthansa Airlines customer service at:

Customer Service Number: +1-855-738-4481

The customer service team is available 24/7 to assist passengers with their travel needs and provide guidance on Lufthansa's policies and procedures.


Understanding Lufthansa Airlines' cancellation policy is essential for travelers to navigate changes to their flight reservations effectively. By familiarizing yourself with the key points, cancellation methods, and customer service contact information, you can manage your travel plans with confidence and minimize disruptions. Remember to review the specific terms and conditions of your ticket before canceling and reach out to Lufthansa's customer service for personalized assistance when needed.

Safe travels!