Penimaster PRO is the most advanced penis extender that offers the best penis stretching technology without side effects but with fast and permanent results.

Penimaster PRO uses vacuum adhesion to hold the penis glans in a special chamber with the same anatomical shape as your penis:

1. The head of the penis is placed into the vacuum chamber.

2. A special pear creates the vacuum, and the penis head is drawn into the Penimaster PRO basic system.

3. You will have a choice of how to stretch the penis, as Penimaster offers several options at once:



Penimaster PRO Belt Extender

Belt Extender - a special elastic belt is used as an attachment and allows you to make the necessary level of tension. You can attach it at once in three ways - over the shoulder, through the belt, or over the knee.

In the case of the Penimaster PRO Belt Extender, you will use a dynamic load that has proven effective. At the same time, you can wear the extender under your clothes, and it will not be noticeable.

The extender's thoughtful design allows you to wear it comfortably and discreetly from others. Attaching it is very easy. It is light and does not create friction on the penis head, so you can even sleep with this extender, and it will be effective.


Penimaster PRO Rod Extender

 Rod Extender - this system is designed to work with Penimaster PRO Basic, i.e., with a vacuum chamber. At the same time, this design's rigidity will stretch the penis using static tension.

The Penimaster PRO Rod Extender uses rods and tension screws to adjust the device for effective penis stretching properly. Your glans is still in the secure Penimaster PRO Basic system, where you place your penis and create a vacuum with a pear.

At the same time, you set the length of the rods by your user size, and you can adjust the tension with the screws by simply turning them.

The penis extender is easy to put on and take off and assemble. I created my video instructions on how to use this device at the link.

Penimaster PRO Weight Extender

Weight Extender will suit more advanced users, but the system is exciting and effective. The essence of the work is that your penis can stretch under the influence of loads.

You fix the head of the penis in the Penimaster PRO Basic vacuum chamber, and to create traction, weights are used that you fasten according to the instructions.

Although this method looks much less convenient than using Belt Extender or Rod Extender, Penis traction technology is almost the most natural way to make the penis bigger.

And although it looks unsafe, experienced users will appreciate this device. After all, in the case of proper work, you will get the fastest results.

The ideal choice for beginners who want to increase their penis size and continue using the extender for a long time is the Penimaster PRO Complete Set package.

It includes Belt Extender, Rod Extender and Penimaster PRO Basic system. As well as many necessary accessories for using the device: these are sluices and diaphragms.

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By consistently using different types of tension(Belt Extender and Rod Extender), you will ensure rapid penis growth, get rid of erection problems, and increase your sexual stamina and sexual desire.

If you use dynamic( Belt Extender ) and static ( Rod Extender ) technology for stretching the penis, this mix will give the best result. That's why I recommend buying the Penimaster PRO Complete Set package.


Penimaster PRO is considered the most comfortable penis extender on the market, replacing the classic extender design in which the head of the penis is secured with a base and strap or silicone loop.

The thing is that classic penis traction devices are uncomfortable to wear and painful.

There are side effects, and wearing it after an hour becomes unbearable. Pain, discomfort, reduced blood flow to the penis - all this results from pulling the head of the penis with a strap.

Penimaster PRO offers a completely painless, safe technology for holding the penis glans in the penis extender, which is unparalleled. For results, your penis must be stretched for a long time and daily.

You can wear Penimaster PRO up to 6 hours a day, and it will be comfortable and effective. You can wear an ordinary classic penis extender for no more than 2-3 hours a day with long breaks and side effects, discomfort.

Penimaster PRO FAQ

How long to wait for results?

·  The first results will be noticeable after a month of using the device. You will be able to measure the penis and see positive changes. You will also feel an improvement in the quality of your erection

When can you see the maximum growth, and what can it be?

·  Maximum penis growth is possible after 6-12 months of using Penimaster PRO. That's +2-3 inches to your penis size

Which Penimaster PRO extender is considered the most effective - Rod Extender, Belt Extender, or Weight Extender?

·  I recommend that you consider buying a Penimaster PRO Complete Set. This package includes Rod and Belt extender, and their consistent use will be simple for beginners, and they will be able to see fast results

Where to buy an extender?

·  Although there are many different distributors and sellers in all countries.

>> It is better to choose a purchase on the official website to receive a warranty and an original device