Southwest’s name change policy allows passengers to make name changes on their reservation as long as they do so before checking in for their flights and can provide valid proof that matches the updated name on their reservations. However, gender changes are not permitted on a reservation, nor are transfers of a ticket to another passenger permitted.

How to change the name on a Southwest airline ticket?

About the Southwest name change on the ticket

You can request a name change on a Southwest Airlines ticket through multiple channels:

  • Call Southwest Airlines : +1–888–875–0388
  • Provide the required details such as your name, booking reference number and flight dates.
  • Please provide the correct spelling of your name to the agent as indicated on your government-issued photo ID.
  • The agent will make the necessary changes immediately if they relate to correcting spelling or typographical errors or ask you to provide documentary evidence and then email the updated copy of your ticket.

Make the name change online

If you purchased your ticket directly from Southwest, you can correct your name online as follows:

  • Go to the Manage Reservation page
    (or go to, click Flight, then Manage Reservations)
  • Enter your confirmation number, first and last name
  • Press the Search button
  • Select the Edit Name option next to your name
  • Enter your correct name
  • Once you have successfully updated your name, you will automatically be directed to the Manage Booking page, where you will be shown a success banner and sent a confirmation email.

Make the name change at the airport

  • Be sure to arrive early to have enough time to complete the name change.
  • Go to the Southwest Airlines ticket counter.
  • Talk to a customer service agent +1–888–875–0388.
  • Show your proof of identification to help modify your name.
  • Pick up your boarding pass.

Request your name change by email

  • Write an email to Southwest customer service.
  • Please provide your ticket details and personal information, and your
  • Rapid Rewards account number (if you have one).
  • Attach a valid copy of your old and new government-issued IDs.
  • Send an email to
    Wait for a response.
  • Request your name change through social networks
  • Twitter direct message (@Southwestair)
  • facebook private message

Southwest Airlines Name Change via Mobile App

To make a name change through the Southwest mobile app, follow the steps below:

  • Select Search Reservations that appears on the hamburger icon (top left)
  • Please provide your confirmation number and first and last name
  • Press Recover reservation
  • If you are eligible to change/correct your name, an editing pencil will appear next to your name (otherwise it will appear disabled).
  • Once your name has been successfully updated, you will automatically be directed to the Manage Airline Reservation section and shown a banner asking you to wait for an email.

Note : If you have already checked in for your flight, you must check in again.