《+91-8146591746 》Love Marriage Solution By Vashikaran, Vashikaran Specialist For Girlfriend BoyfriendBlack Magic Specialist For Love ProblemsOn Call, 《+91-8146591746 》No Consulting, 29+ Yr Expert, Get Quick & Effective Solution, 65800 Happy Clients.《+91-8146591746》Call Any Time the prospect of a happy married life is something that everyone looks forward to. It is a once in a lifetime commitment, and so everyone is very careful before taking the big step of marriage. Those who believe in astrology in Indian society, go through the formal process of kundali matching. 《+91-8146591746》In this process the janma kundali of both the prospective partners are analysed. Compatibility is also calculated based on gun milan where their compatibility is tested across many parameters. Nowadays,《+91-8146591746》this guna milan is also available through DISTURBED MARRIAGE LIFE.
+91-8146591746》However, it is only an expert astrologer who can study the charts of both the individuals separately and conclude whether they should go in for marriage or not. 《+91-8146591746》Astrology is to be used as a tool to guide the person in finding a suitable match. Consulting Vedic charts can help avoid future marital problems and challenges such as divorce, widowhood, enmity etc. 《+91-8146591746》Marriage Astrology can shed a lot of light on the personality of an individual. The astrologer can also warn the individual of the flaws in their character and highlight them, 《+91-8146591746》so that they can get over their weaknesses. In such cases, astrology along with counselling can play a great role in married life.
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+91-8146591746》Firstly, the individual’s date of birth, place of birth and time of birth is taken for creating the birth chart. Out of the 12 houses in the birth chart, as per vedic astrology the 7th house in an individual’s birth chart is the house of marriage. 《+91-8146591746》An astrologer studies the planetary positions which were prevalent when the person was born in their natal chart. He or she checks for associated yogas and doshas《+91-8146591746》related to marriage. The influence of Jupiter and its conjunction with other planets can give very auspicious yogas for marriage while doshas such as《+91-8146591746》mangal dosha and influence of Saturn can delay marriage. The dasha the individual is currently going through in their life also counts as to the timing of marriage. Many factors are correlated for decisions regarding marriage.
General analysis of married life《+91-8146591746
Let’s take a look at some of the indications for a disturbed married life:《+91-8146591746
Sun and Mars should be studied when predicting about the husband of a woman.
  • From Sun the longevity, education, status, direction from which he comes and the love he gives to the woman should be predicted.《+91-8146591746
  • From Mars one should predict about the power, energy, enthusiasm, respect, profession, rise etc. of the husband.《+91-8146591746
  • If Sun is afflicted by Saturn then husband may be much elder to the woman, may be weak, diseased and cruel. In such a case marriage is delayed.《+91-8146591746
  • If Mars is afflicted by Saturn, by conjunction, being square to Saturn, being 2nd or 12th from Saturn or if Saturn is in 4th or 8th from Mars then bad results like widowhood, separation, negation of progeny etc. should be expected.《+91-8146591746
+91-8146591746 》So the first thing an astrologer will check whether Saturn and Mars have any type of relation as postulated above. If there is a relation then the married life of native may be unhappy.《+91-8146591746
+91-8146591746 》Ketu, Saturn, Mars, Sun and Rahu are taken as malefic planets and their influence causes marital problems. 8th house and 11th house are related houses of marriage. For studying the stability of the marriage we will have to study these two houses.
+91-8146591746 Disturbed Marriage Life Solution If properly advised and if proper measures are taken then the person will enjoy a blissful married life. +91-8146591746The rules given above give an indication that a particular native can have major problems in a marriage life. In real life the chart of the partner will play a major role, and even though one or other chart may show problems, the two charts if properly matched will complement each other and the duo will lead a blissful married life.+91-8146591746 It is here that comes to the help of a native.