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recent release of the Nintendo Switch OLED has many people rediscovering their love for the versatile handheld or experiencing what it has to offer for the first time. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or have never previously owned a Nintendo console, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite titles for Nintendo Switch.


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Just one look at Yoshi’s Crafted World should let you know it’s the perfect Switch game for kids. The cute, little, green dinosaur is made of fabric, and makes his way through textured levels that look like pre-school dioramas. The game encourages you to discover adorable secrets, rather than punish you with precision platforming sequences. If you want, you can even turn on Mellow Mode to have Yoshi safely fly through each level with his wings and flutter jump. 

Fans and newcomers to the Mario Kart series alike will never get tired of Mario Kart 8. The game's dozens of tracks are excellent, and local multiplayer with four players can get crowded on a smaller TV, but this Nintendo Switch game is fantastic. It's one of the very first games that we'd recommend for Switch multiplayer. It also has an online multiplayer mode, so it's a great game for your kiddos to play with fellow quarantined friends without actual interaction.

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Answer: Maybe. They did say that Nintendo eShop will be available on Switch soon, but it's still yet to be released.

The 12 month Nintendo Switch Online subscription offers better value for money, though three months is still a solid amount of time with the service. You'll find all the latest prices for these two options just below. 

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Fun RPG experience with lots of drive ... and putts.

This collection brings together three of Mario’s most influential 3D adventures: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. Not every element stands up in 2024, so you might find yourself frustrated with 64’s relic of a camera, or the awkward controls of Sunshine’s water pack. But for the most part, each game in Super Mario 3D All-Stars remains fun, and playing through them today is a great way to see how Nintendo’s design philosophy has changed over the years. You’ll never look at Super Mario Odyssey the same way again.

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Is that an odd picture for Edith Finch or is it me?

Family-friendly racer gets large update with bonus content.

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Mario like you've always imagined it, literally! This world is yours to create and play however you wish. If you can make it, you can play it!

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Journey to the Sinnoh region in Pokémon Shining Pearl!

Answer: It's a physical card with code like normal gift cards. I think you can buy a digital version to send to someone's email though. With this, however, it is absolutely a physical card.

Nintendo’s eShop is the official source for all of your Switch, WiiU, or 3DS gaming needs. 

Here are my top picks for the best Nintendo Switch accessories. See if any catch your eye.

Here is the list of the 12 best Roblox shooting games. In which you will find the...

These recommendations are based on a variety of different parameters, for example your play history.

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Nintendo previously confirmed a few more games that'll be added in the future:

Splatoon's high concept is pure genius and extremely Nintendo. It takes the first-person shooter, traditionally a violent genre, and flips it on its head. You're shooting paint, not bullets. You don't score points for shooting enemies, you score points by shooting the environment itself. 

If you're in that position, this guide helping you to easily buy Nintendo Switch eShop credit online is for you. You might even want to consider nudging your friends and relatives in the direction of this guide ahead of your next birthday, because who doesn't want new games?!

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For me Steamworld Dig 2 is a really underrated game, to only be 10th on this list! Personally, i'd put it 4th or 5th.

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Two of the very best turn-based strategy games ever made, this package will bring remasters of both Advance Wars titles from the Game Boy Advance days. They've got a beautiful updated look which brings the sort of polish we love to see. We'll certainly be strapping in to lead the troops when it comes out, although the release date is in limbo after Nintendo delayed the game due to world events (meaning the invasion of Ukraine by Russia).

Want to read more? See our full Arms review and buy now from Amazon.

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Splatoon 2 is likely the most colorful shooter you’ll ever play. The multiplayer-focused game has players dousing maps with a variety of weaponized painting tools, ranging from paint rollers to airbrushes. It’s the perfect shooter for players that typically don’t enjoy shooters, namely because of its vivid color scheme and lighthearted approach to the genre.

The best Nintendo Switch Lite game for classic Pokémon fans

There isn't too much of a difference in docked mode, but the title itself feels like it was designed to be a handheld experience much like the Harvest Moon titles on the Gameboy Color. Granted, the game is much more than a farming simulator, but the core features of the gameplay are objectively better in the palm of a player's hand.

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Supergiant only ever makes games that resound with class, style and intelligence. But Hades has something more - it's vicious, bloodthirsty and delighted by its own horrors. It's the perfect game about the ancient gods, in other words.

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Mario Party Superstars celebrates more than two decades of Nintendo’s infamous friendship-ruining mini-game collections. Play through beautiful new renditions of classic boards and mini-games pulled from the franchise’s history. You can even play online.   

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This couch co-op is a lot of frantic fun for up to four players. The controls and gameplay are simple so that even younger kids can play and the level bosses are just challenging enough to keep things interesting but not impossible. It's a good option if you're looking for something to play in short bursts, but it does have 100 levels to get through and Taito will release additional content for download, including new stages and the character Baron von Blubba. The original 1986 version of the game is included, too. 

Years ago, Nintendo had the Brain Age series that was full of math and logic quick-reaction puzzles to "train your brain." Big Brain Academy was another game in that same tradition. This Nintendo Switch version focuses on two- to four-player competitions over a handful of math, logic and analysis minigames, rewarding quick thinking. The game's fun, and there's a daily "test" of your speedy skills as well as chances to try to beat ghosts of others online. Though it feels too short, I'd love to have more games like it on the Switch. Controllers feel like a weird way to interact with some games, but there's a touchscreen option for two-player head-to-head games too. There's a free demo on the Nintendo eShop to play before you buy. See if you like it.

Triangle Strategy for me. 2024 is shaping up to be an incredible year. Every time I think I’ve made a mental map of everything I’m interested in, there’s always 2 other titles I’ve forgotten about.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild was released in March 2017 and is considered by some to be the greatest game of all time. Nintendo made the bold decision of changing the tried and tested linear formula that had worked wonders for the franchise since Ocarina of Time, by implementing a sprawling open-world.

A new way to do PAC-MAN, a 99-person Battle Royale! A special online mode is available for those who have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Simple, fun endless runner has console/mobile competition.

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Dear Lord, this game is a stone-cold classic. Play it now.

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