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Garena Free Fire Pro Tips - Weapons


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Choose your character carefully

Free Fire: Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

18. Never jump shoot unnecessarily – I have seen many players jump unnecessarily. They think that jumping makes them pro, yes it will but you need to calculate and find out when to jump, don’t need to jump every time. Jump shoot makes your opponent confuse but it is important to use it when necessary.

Take fights even outside the zone.

This is a battle for survival. With danger looming from every direction, the only best favor you can do yourself is to accord yourself the right and most essential gear. Defense is crucial, and for its purpose, you need medical kits, helmets, and your body vest. Offense, which is equally crucial, requires you to have the right arsenal for particular situations.

It is important to kill your opponents but the most important aspect of the game is survival. Hence, even if it becomes difficult to target your opponent, keep moving. If you make it a habit and practice it, you will be able to develop the skill of shooting opponents with good accuracy while you are on the move.

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Cosmetics Do Not Matter But Characters Do

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Note that these stats keep rising as long as you keep leveling up your character. For example, Andrew starts with 2% less durability loss. It is possible to increase this value up to 10%, by leveling up your hero and completing in-game achievements. In this regard, Ford is an excellent hero for an advanced end-game strategy that requires clever use of safe zone borders. Read our Advanced Tactics Guide for more information about this.

Enable the default aim precision.

After all, starting a game and learning its gameplay takes time. But, this is essential if you want to get a good performance and win more gold and prizes.

Nikita – 4% faster submachine reload

If your aim is weak, using the default aim precision, with or without the scope, is recommended.

Before we start I would like to tell that it is said that-

Andrew – 2% less vest durability loss

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Keep rotating positions

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Choose your weapons wisely

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From characters and equipment to skins and accessories. Even the daily missions, departure types and reward systems.

Best Free Fire settings

Source: Bluestacks

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Use the jump-shoot at the right time.

7. Let others Fight

Players who freely roam in the open are extremely vulnerable to incoming fire from all sides. Close-range combat should always be conducted with a cover or a gloo wall to provide temporary protection.

Combat Is Not The Answer to Everything

And then, this will make the enemy taking this fight easy (but in reality it’s not) and doing mistakes. Now, you can easily take advantage of this and kill him but while killing you don’t have to behave like a Noob, you just have to pretend like a Noob.

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To be able to come out on top while using jump-shoot, your jump needs to be well calculated. It is important to note that this fancy move can mess up you aim entirely. Therefore, before using this in ranked mode, go to custom rooms, and practice it until you get it right.


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Free Fire: Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

#5: Never unnecessarily jump-shoot

Free Fire, with over 500 million downloads on Google Playstore, has been one of the popular trends during the quarantine period, with players around the world trying to push up their ranks.

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Free fire Tips can Make You Pro in less time

#7: Sniping improves your aim

Best thumb setup in Free Fire

The Gloo Wall


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