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There you’ll see the Redeem Codes option, click on it, and enter your code carefully.

It Takes Two is a brilliantly inventive co-operative platformer designed to be played by two players on the same sofa. You control a couple who, while in the midst of their divorce, are transformed into a pair of tiny dolls who must set out on an adventure to return to their human form. This tongue-in-cheek adventure traverses problems and puzzles as varied as battling squirrels and collaborating on an enormous dot-to-dot picture.


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Hence comes Fetch RewardsFetch Rewards, a well-known and trusted app that let’s you redeem points for free PSN codes without stress. For folks living under a rock, Fetch Rewards is basically a receipt scanning app that turns your grocery receipts into rewards.

For some, games aren’t “enjoyable” when you play alone and unless you subscribe to PS Plus, you won’t be able to get immersed in the real PlayStation gaming world. From free games to multiplayer mode and most importantly better deals on newly released games, Sony’s PS Plus paid service is definitely worth the subscription.

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PlayStation Now doesn't have a ton of the latest games, but it has an extensive library of PS3 and PS4 titles that can be streamed. If you're not sure about getting a particular game, gifting a PlayStation Now sub will work nicely.

If you're up for a real challenge, Demon's Souls is our favorite overall PS5 game right now. This game reimagines the iconic 2009 brutal action RPG from the ground up, with a gorgeous new visual style, a high framerate mode and some welcome quality of life changes, while preserving the uniquely challenging-yet-satisfying loop that made the original so special.

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With the PS5 picking up momentum, rumors have started making the rounds as people begin to speculate on what games they would love to see make an appearance on the console. Could these releases take the form of long-overdue sequels? Much needed remakes? Or could there be some new IP in the works that will become the new GTA or God of War​​​​​​?

For example, the new Resident Evil 8 costs $60, with the deluxe edition priced at $70! And yet, these triple-A games are some of the most popular, impressive, and entertaining with lots of content to explore. It’s worth purchasing them to experience the latest in gaming technology. 

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Once you bought a PlayStation Network gift card, the activation process of it is relatively easy, simply follow the instructions provided below:

And don't forget to upgrade your TV and gaming monitor to support HDR technology; our 4K TVs offer the perfect display of vibrant and lifelike imagery to complete your gaming experience.

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - PS5 (Pre-owned)

Those gift cards can then be converted into PSN codes. 


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Early on in a console’s lifespan, each exclusive is heavily dissected. We’re always looking for how games push new hardware in ways that truly make “next-gen” come to life. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart will be remembered as the first game that showed us the true potential of the PS5. While games like Returnal showed off what the DualSense controller is capable of, Drift Apart is more of a graphical powerhouse that uses the console’s solid-state drive to nearly eliminate load times altogether and fuel a gorgeous superhero spectacle. While we could wax poetic all day about how beautiful the game is, that doesn’t overshadow the fact that the game is just plain fun. Like other entries in the series, it’s an action-packed platformer filled with creative weapons. Notable new additions in Ratchet’s arsenal include a Topiary Sprinkler that turns enemies to shrubs and the new and improved RYNO-8, which pulls references from other Sony games into Ratchet’s dimension. It’s a colorful, exciting game that contains all the thrills of a summer blockbuster.

Yes, Sony offers a 14-day trial period before the first payment is deducted from your registered Sony PS Plus account.

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The PlayStation Plus discount code 12-month membership that actually works saves $20 off what Sony wants to charge at MSRP. You’ll pay $40 instead of $60, and it’s a much better value than any 1-month membership that’s three times the price.

Now, not only can you download and play games, but also download movies and listen to music that are available on the PlayStation Store. Most of the media are paid so you need to buy them with a credit card, debit card, or a gift card.

The best free PS5 game for fans of shooters

These are extremely helpful in scenarios where you are a bit skeptical about using your credit cards. Again, using your credit card would also be a completely safe option. PSN codes are available for purchase both online and offline.

Get 100GB cloud storage. Unlock 100GB cloud storage exclusively for PlayStation®Plus members.


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is securely a role-playing game with a stealth influence, instead of the other way around. It allows the player to enact both large-scale battles and quick assassinations while hidden within a crowd. The Vikings, too, introduce their own expression of stealth in their raids, where narrow longships sneak up to encampments to attack without warning. Eivor has an assassin’s blade, a gift given to her from Sigurd. Hers, though, is not hidden — she wears it atop her cloak, because she wants her foes to see their fates in her weapon. [...]

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These are extremely helpful in scenarios where you are a bit skeptical about using your credit cards. Again, using your credit card would also be a completely safe option. PSN codes are available for purchase both online and offline.

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Scarlet Nexus looked like it would be one of the PS5’s first big games. The action RPG got a massive spotlight in Sony’s PS5 reveal stream. Despite an eye-catching trailer, it got a little lost in the mix next to games like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon Forbidden West. It seemed like it could be destined for hidden gem status and that’s exactly what happened. Scarlet Nexus was a surprise hit of summer 2024, bringing a unique blend of complex action and brain-twisting sci-fi storytelling to new consoles. The selling point of Scarlet Nexus is its combat. Players can use telekinesis to hurl objects at enemies, which goes hand in hand with fast-paced slashing. Players can bring along allies, each of which has a different elemental power that augments the standard move set. One ally may add electric powers to your move set, while another can temporarily slow down time. It’s the kind of game that lets players rack up some astonishing combos, which makes it perfect for players who love games like Astral Chain and Bayonetta.

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Resident Evil Village is one of the best entries in the franchise, boasting HDR graphics so you can see the gooey mouldy monsters in high definition. Village takes on a first-person view, which amps up the narrative to a more personal level. 

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Photorealistic aesthetic is beautiful and immersive

We also haven’t included the undeniably excellent Astro’s Playroom, because that came with your console. If you haven’t played it yet, you really should: it’s one of the best PS5 games to show off what your console and its controllers can do. 

By the time I went through my final run of Deathloop, I thought I would’ve walked away from the game feeling like a superpowered, time-bending assassin. Instead, the game made me feel like a masterful speedrunner.

The staple modes of a team sports title are all here, but MyCareer is where most should spend their time. In NBA 2K21 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, MyCareer’s hub world of pickup basketball, socializing, and even shoe shopping gets a robust expansion into ‘The City.’ Players are now transported to a larger environment where their co-operative competitive play supports one of the four factions they join, somewhat like an MMO. Don’t worry, there’s still a ton of basketball to be played here, whether that’s with others or as you practice for and play the next game on your single-player career schedule.

Once you’re done with the human verification thing, you’d be rewarded with nothing. Hence we’d say it again PSN generator don’t work, so don’t get scammed by a fake. Now without beating around the bush, here’s how to get free PSN codes that work.

PlayStation users can now pick up a 12-month membership for PlayStation Plus at 50% off right now. They can do so by heading to the PlayStation Store on their console or through their browser on a PC/Mac. The subscription service allows players access to online multiplayer in games, along with a couple of cool free games every month.

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Anytime a new console comes out, players are looking for the biggest games they can find that will push their new box to its limits. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is exactly that kind of game. The Viking epic is Ubisoft’s biggest, most ambitious open-world game yet, and it’s sure to wow players on sheer scope alone. There’s no shortage of things to do in the game’s massive re-creation of England. Between raids, settlement building, drinking contests, Viking rap battles, and more, it’s a game that will keep players occupied for a very long time. The campaign itself gets up to the 60-hour mark and completionists will spend well over 100 hours exploring everything the game has to offer. It’s a perfect game for anyone who’s hoping to buy fewer games with more content now that new releases cost $70.

Free PlayStation Plus games in November; Read more

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The game offers a lot more customization when compared to older AC games. The storyline is branched out and does not play out in a linear way. The player instead has the option to come back to a particular mission and side missions later on. Furthermore, Eivor’s choices in between conversations and missions affect the other characters and the circumstances around them. Since the game plays out like an RPG, different weapon attributes are also available along with options for armor and other items. For die-hard fans of the Assassins Creed series, Valhalla is a good addition to the best PS5 games they can play.

In anticipation of ps5 I convinced the wife we needed a 4K 120hz tv and we got a Samsung something or other. Honestly I run f1 2024 in performance mode (120hz) and I can’t really tell the difference if I’m honest. In fact the only difference I’ve notice vs the old PS4 version is the frame rate doesn’t stall when there’s lots of cars in view.

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