Best 6 Penis Pumps(Air/Water). User Nominations 2023 and Results

Penis pumps can help restore an erection, give you a quick and hard erection, and even make your penis bigger. I bought 5 different penis pumps to achieve at least some of the above and compiled my pump rating for 2023.

This is my full review and rating of these penis pumps and a comparative analysis of their features and benefits. In the end, I will report my results.

Pumps in this rating are presented in accordance with:

  • Real results,

  • Comfort in use

  • Additional features and benefits

  • Security

  • Simplicity in work.


#1.   HydroXtreme

  • Prices: $219-$349

  • Sizes: up to 3”, 5”, 7”(WideBoy, 6,5” girth), 9”, 11”

  • Money-Back guarantee: 60-day

  • Shipping: FREE, Worldwide

  • Features: manual handball pumping

  • Official site: click here

Brief review

HydroXtreme is the best penis pump ever, as you can see by reading hundreds and thousands of posts on erection enhancement forums. 

Bathmate-designed hydro pumping technology is considered the safest and most effective. No other pump will give you the results you get with the HydroXtreme. 

It's all about their development, which allows you to increase blood flow to the penis without damaging the tissues of the penis so that you are comfortable not only getting a quick erection but also establishing it in the long term. 

In addition, you can improve your penis size, which is the most significant result of using Bathmate. 

The special vacuum valve is designed so that you can work comfortably and safely while your penis is in the water tube.


The technology itself is described further. At the same time, the HydroXtreme series differs from the HydroMax in the way the valve closes and opens (here it needs to be rotated). 

And you can also connect a handball to this pump, which cannot be done with the Hydromax. Hence the higher cost, as well as the ability to strengthen the vacuum is virtually limitless. 

I bought this pump and used it first as a HydroMax, i.e. without a handball, and after a few months I felt that I wanted to increase the vacuum pressure and it worked out best with a handball. 

In general, I recommend this pump only to experienced users or those who are considering long-term pumping to get rid of erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement.

How to use

The use of the HydroXtreme pump is the same as the HydroMax, the only difference is the vacuum control. 

Here it is carried out by turning the valve, and you can also connect the handball with a hose. 

In this case, the pump itself can be used without a handball, i.e. actually the same HydroMax. Otherwise the use is identical to the Bathmate HydroMax.

My opinion as a user

This pump, for me, is the absolute leader in my collection of pumps. I opted for a hydro pump and chose the Bathmate pump for myself. 

HydroXtreme is the most powerful, and you will not limit yourself to vacuum power when you need to make more pressure. Just plug in a handball with a hose to the pump.


The first results with Bathmate HydroXtreme are always the fastest. At the same time, as for the penis enhancement, you can increase the first inch in a few months. 

Also, regular use of Bathmate improves your sexual stamina and arousal.

Where to Buy?

> Order Bathmate HydroXtreme at the official store (Free Shipping)

You can choose your penis pump size and even buy additional accessories.

#2.   HydroMax

  • Prices: $139-$209

  • Sizes: up to 3”, 5”, 7”(WideBoy, 6,5” girth), 9”

  • Money-Back guarantee: 60-day

  • Shipping: FREE, Worldwide

  • Official site: click here

Brief review

This water penis pump is optimal in terms of price, technology, effectiveness, and results.

The previous Bathmate pump, Hydro 7, is 35% less efficient than the new Hydromax. The Hydromax itself works automatically, completely safe for the user. 

At the same time, its price is lower than HydroXtreme, which already comes with a manual handball. They work the same, but there are small differences - a rotary mechanism is used to close the valve in HydroXtreme.


Bathmate technology is based on the use of vacuum in water, which is in the tube along with the penis. Thanks to a special valve at the top of the pump, you can control the vacuum - close and open it. 

The system begins to create vacuum when the corrugation is pressed on the pubic part of the body. You can also use the handball in the HydroXtreme pump to create the right amount of vacuum.

The water in the tube helps to soothe the tissues under the influence of the vacuum. 

Any micro-ruptures are quickly smoothed out, there are no unpleasant sensations, and the vacuum in the water is gentle on the tissues of the penis. 

In addition, water is a good conductor of vacuum and distributes it along the entire length of the penis.

In total, there are 3 series of pumps in the line of Bathmate penis pumps: 

> Hydromax, HydroXtreme and Hydro7. Order now

Each series has its own characteristics: tube size, technology of use, price.

How to use

You can use the HydroMax pump both in the shower and in the bath. But in fact, many even use it while sitting on the couch in the room, just do not forget that there is water inside the tube and it can spill. 

That is why the bathroom is the best place to use the Bathmate pump.

In the shower

  1. Take a shower for 5 minutes to relax

  2. Close the pump valve by moving it to the “closed” mode

  3. Fill the tube with water to the brim

  4. Stick the penis into the tube and create a vacuum by pressing the corrugation tightly against the pubis

  5. Switch the valve to open mode so that when pumping, water can freely pour out of the tube through the valve

  6. Make a few movements away from you and towards you with the pump - you will feel how the vacuum begins to be created and intensified

  7. Each new pump strengthens the vacuum

  8. Now hold the penis in it for 3 minutes, you will immediately have an erection, continue and after 3 minutes release the vacuum and water will come out of the tube

  9. Massage your penis and put it back on after 3-5 minutes

  10. Repeat for 15 minutes

In the bath

  1. Relax in the bath for 5 minutes before use

  2. Stick your penis into the pump, you don't have to close the valve

  3. Press the the pump against your pubis to create a vacuum

  4. Repeat pumping several times to gain a certain vacuum strength. It should be felt, but should not cause pain.

  5. After 3 minutes, release the vacuum with the valve and massage the penis

  6. Continue pumping so that each session is no more than 3-5 minutes, and the total time is no more than 15 minutes

In fact, many users use the Hydromax penis pump in different ways, including long-term ones. 

But I do not recommend that you deviate from the instructions. It is versatile and definitely suitable for beginners.


  • Proprietary Bathmate hydro pumping technology that works great not only for getting a quick erection or getting rid of the erectile dysfunction(ED). Many users report penis enhancement as early as 2-3 months after starting daily use of the pump

  • Quality device, has an automatic valve to create an effective but safe vacuum

  • Individual pump sizing

  • Lots of accessories

  • Guarantee


  • Fairly high cost compared to other pumps

My opinion as a user

The Hydromax pump is great for beginners. It is both inexpensive and effective. 

Of course, if you use it for a year, you will want to increase the vacuum strength, which can only be done with the HydroXtreme pump and its manual handball. 

At the same time, the Hydromax pump works flawlessly and helps to increase the erection significantly.

Where to buy?

> Get Bathmaye Hydromax at the official store

I have placed the links in the description of this video.

#3.   Hydro7

  • Prices: $139-$209

  • Sizes: up to 3”, 5”, 7”(WideBoy, 6,5” girth), 9”

  • Money-Back guarantee: 60-day

  • Shipping: FREE, Worldwide

  • Official site: click here

Brief review

Hydro7 is the only representative of the first Bathmate series. This pump is currently less efficient than the new Hydromax and Hydroxtreme series. 

Officially, the technology of the new Bathmate pump series is 35% more efficient than Hydro7. But in fact, the Hydro7 pump follows all the best traditions and works flawlessly. 

> In addition, the attractive price of $119 makes it very affordable. Click here to buy Hydro7


Bathmate original hydro pump technology - trouble-free operation, excellent results, a quality product that is on sale on the official website.

How to use

The instruction is about the same as for other Bathmate pumps, detailed for the Hydromax pump - also suitable for the Hydro7 (see above)


  • Although the Hydro7 belongs to the first Bathmate product line, which was released many years ago, the model itself is effective and up to date.

  • Good price

  • Original equipment, warranty


  1. Only fits penis size up to 5 inches in length

  2. Legacy technology is considered 35% less efficient than the Hydromax and Hydroxtreme series

#4.   Androvacuum Premium

  • Prices: $249

  • Money-Back guarantee: 15 days

  • Shipping: Worldwide

  • Official site: click here

Brief review

Best erection air vacuum pump on the market. It can be used for a long time to restore erectile functions. 

This pump has all the necessary quality certificates and works exactly as stated. It is automatic. You just need to press the button to create a vacuum and stop the process at any time.

My opinion as a user

Androvacuum Premium left a positive impression, although air pumping is not comparable to water pumping - this device is highly praised on the forums, and I used it for almost 2 months to restore an erection. 

The constant daily use gave the result I needed - to achieve a strong erection naturally. Although, of course, I used Androvacuum Premium the first time to induce a strong erection before sex.


The American Urological Association has stated that men with erectile dysfunction(ED) should consider the Vacuum erection device as a remedy for their problem.

The European Association of Urology published its report, according to which the result of the use of erectile penis pumps was justified by 90% when it came to satisfaction with the result of its use for sex.

Due to the creation of a vacuum in the tube, blood immediately begins to flow to it, the venous vessels expand and the blood is filled with oxygen. 

The process is very fast and powerful. A strong erection occurs after a few minutes of using the Androvacuum Premium pump.

And regular use of this penis pump helps to restore the erectile abilities of a man. This is the difference between regular pumps from a sex shop and a medical pump like Androvacuum Premium.

How to use

  1. First of all, you need to warm up the penis with a light massage for 5 minutes so that the tissues of the penis become elastic.

  2. Next, you need to apply the gel that comes with the kit directly to the head of the penis

  3. Place the penis ring onto the pump using the special cone and slide it down to the base of the pump.

  4. Remove pump cone

  5. Insert your penis into the pump and press the power button

  6. Keep the Androvacuum Premium penis pump on for a few minutes until the penis is fully erect

  7. Turn off the pump and gently slide the penis ring down to the base of your penis to secure and enjoy an erection for long sex

  8. Use the pump regularly to restore an erection


  • The pump is recommended by doctors, researched and its action is proven

  • Easy use

  • Quality materials and assembly

  • Helps to get rid of erectile dysfunction(ED) and get a quick erection

  • Includes gel, penis rings

  • Automatic pump operation


  • Classic air pump technology

  • Prolonged use may cause discomfort

  • It is impossible to increase the force of the vacuum due to the operation of automation


Androvacuum air penis pump works exactly as you would expect. It helps to increase erection and even fights the problem of restoring a normal erection. 

I saw a positive result for myself, I followed the recommendations in the instructions, and this pump seemed comfortable to use and get results.

Where to buy?

> Androvacuum Premium is available at the official Andro-Medical website

You can order it by following the link in the description of this video.

#5.   Standard air vacuum pump


This is a mechanical penis pump. You create a vacuum based on your own feelings. There is only one size of the tube, but several different nozzles for different penis girth. 

All this helps to fix the penis more tightly to create a high-quality vacuum.

How to use

  1. First you need to choose one of the 3 nozzles according to your penis girth size.

  2. Next - use the gel liberally applying it to the head of the penis and to the penis along the entire length. Vacuum greatly dries the skin of the penis, so if you do not apply the gel, it may burst, crack. Always apply gel.

  3. Insert the penis into the tube and start the manual pump. Do it non-aggressively. As soon as you feel pressure, let the vacuum hold at this level, if it subsides, pump it up. 

  4. To relieve pressure - remove the tube from the top of the pump or unscrew the nozzle to release the vacuum.

Brief review

I got this pump as a gift after buying a Quick Extender Pro device. The penis pump is just a tube with a measuring scale. 3 nozzles go to it for a hole into which the penis is inserted. 

The nozzles are different in size, so you can choose the right one for the width of your penis. The better the nozzle fits the penis, the better the vacuum. In this case, you only have manual control of the vacuum.

My opinion as a user

The most common penis pump from a sex shop is how you can describe this pump. Its main function is to induce an erection quickly. Moreover, I noticed that the erection subsides really fast if you do not use a penis ring.


I was able to achieve a maximum erection after just a few minutes of use, but I was confused by the pain in my penis after the pumping. I guess the vacuum pressure was too high.


  • Easy use

  • Using nozzles for different penis diameters

  • Cheap


  • Outdated technology

  • Mechanical control

  • Questionable quality

  • Only for erection enhancement

#6.   Penomet

Brief review

This pump is a cheap copy of the original Bathmate hydro pump. I purchased the most expensive Penomet package when their site was still up and running(it’s actually closed). 

The technology itself was copied from Bathmate, but to make the pump unique, they devised a system of gaiters, which, as stated, made it possible to regulate the force of the vacuum. But they need to work as claimed.

My opinion as a user

What to say about a pump that is no longer for sale? Only I tried a non- Bathmate branded hydro pump, and now any other hydro pump except Bathmate, it isn't competitive.


Didn't see much results after 2 weeks of use. The erection just increased, did not last long, had uncomfortable use, an uncomfortable valve, and had difficulty using gaiters. 

I did not see the difference between them and I didn’t get any impressive results. Yes, I was able to increase the erection after usage, but that’s all. It wan’t comfortable and I wasn’t satisfied by this penis pump as a user.


Hydro penis pumping is the most gentle and effective way to increase erection and even increase penis size. The technology itself is best represented by Bathmate, but it is often copied and Penomet is an example of this. 

The pump itself differs from the original Bathmate hydro penis pump in that it is made of low-quality materials and the technology provides for changing the vacuum force using different gaiters. 

But really, it's pure marketing. I can’t attach the gaites themselves with high quality, they are made of low-quality rubber and do not hold well. 

There were many promises on the company's website that were not kept. I ended up dropping the pump in the shower and it cracked, which wouldn't happen with quality medical grade plastic.

How to use Penomet

The instructions say that you should take a shower, then select a gaiter and attach it, draw water into the pump and start pumping. 

Despite the fact that I completely shaved my machon, air constantly got into the pump and I had to constantly pump it up in order to maintain the power of the vacuum. 

It got tiresome and I stopped using it and replaced it with the Bathmate Hydromax.


Of the advantages, I would call the use of hydro technology, although not in the best version, as well as gaiters for convenient work with vacuum.


  • Poor assembly

  • Poor quality materials

  • Inconvenient vacuum control valve

  • Incorrectly working vacuum nozzles

  • Passes air and water

How to Buy?

You can’t buy Penomet because the company is closed, and this pump is not available for sale anywhere. 

> I recommend Bathmate Hydromax or Hydroxtreme as the best alternative

This hydro penis pump is much safer and more effective than any other. Penomet was just a cheap copy. You can buy one of Bathmate's pumps at the official site. I have placed the links below this video.

Types of penis pumps

There are two main types of pumps - air and water. Also, both can be automatic, i.e., turn on through the start buttons, and manual when using the pump with a handball like HydroXtreme.

Additional features - different displays, design, additional accessories. All this is more marketing, not a real effect.

I will tell you about the most effective device for efficient penis pumping.

Read this review to learn which penis pump will be the best for you.

What excactly does a penis pump do?

So, the main function of all penis pumps is a rapid erection enhancement. But not many men know that some pumps are designed to treat and prevent erectile dysfunction(ED). 

In addition, hydro pumps such as the Bathmate can increase your penis size in both flaccid and erect states.

Androvacuum Premium is rightfully considered the best air penis pump to get rid of erectile dysfunction. And the point is not in the number of some features but in the quality of the pump's technology to its users.

If you bought a standard air penis pump for $30 in a sex shop and you want to get rid of erection problems, and not just get it right after using the penis pump, then you can forget about it.

It's all about how the penis pump works, how to use it correctly, and how to build a plan to work with it, which will lead to the normalization of erectile function.

Air penis pumps and vacuums that act directly on the lining of your penis glans can be dangerous. Even if you lubricate the penis head, this does not make it less dangerous. 

You need to be able to work with it since side effects occur when using a vacuum for too long. You can not calculate with pressure.

That's why more and more men prefer hydro penis pumps to vacuum ones. Not only can a pump like the Bathmate even increase your penis size in a few months, but you can also get rid of erection problems without any discomfort or harm to your penis. 

No side effects when used correctly. And a million of these pumps have already been sold in recent years.

Let's recap

  • Standard air vacuum penis pumps work as VED(Vacuum Erection Devices) - simply increase erection, but can be dangerous if used incorrectly

  • Therapeutic VED like Androvacuum Premium - can get rid of erectile dysfunction, not just give you a quick erection

  • Water penis pumps like Hydromax, HydroXtreme and Hydro7 can, in addition to increasing erections, also make your penis bigger.

  • The price depends on the technology, brand and result.

  • Pump size may vary. Brands such as Bathmate make the tube size optimal for a particular penis size(from 3”-11”). Therefore, such a pump is selected individually - and this helps to make pumping as efficient as possible.


I've tried every one of the 6 pumps in my rating and have been using one of them all the time for a year now and don't plan to stop. 

> Bathmate HydroXtreme is the best penis pump that helped me make my penis bigger. 

Yes, I also use Jelqing penis exercises and penis extenders, and yet, I believe that the 50% secret to my success in penis enlargement is Bathmate HydroXtreme. 

The first months I used the pump without a handball, but today I always connect it to my HydroXtreme pump. I am already an experienced user. I read the penis pump forums, share my results and exchange experiences with other users. 

HydroXtreme pump is rightfully the best for both creating a quick erection, and for restoring an erection in general and penis enlargement. Lots of opportunities and very few risks. I can recommend as a user.