Spirit Airlines Group Travel
Spirit Airlines group travel provides cheap airfares to passengers looking for group booking. However, several airlines offer groups reservations. But you may get a different fare for almost all the passengers. Although Spirit also offers groups travel booking. But there is an advantage of “One fare For All”. That you will not get with any other airline in the USA. So, that means if you are planning for a vacation with your friends or family. Then Spirit Airlines should be one of your preferences to fly.

But make sure, If you want maximum benefit from Spirit Airlines group travel program. Then always request a fare quote for more than 10 passengers on the list.

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Spirit Group Travel Phone Number
You just need to call at +𝟏-𝟖𝟖𝟖-𝟑𝟔𝟒-𝟎𝟎𝟔𝟐 to get group travel booking in a snap.

Can I Make Group Booking Online with Spirit Airlines?
Anyone traveling within groups having less than 10 passengers can book their flights online on our website. But If there are more than 10 passengers traveling, then you cannot book a flight for your group online—calling is best option to get lowest airfare deals.

What Is Spirit Airlines Phone Number for Group Reservations?
Do not hesitate to call our reservations desk. Whether you wish to book for 5 people or 10, you will get discounted fare quote over the phone. Thus online group booking is available for 9 passengers (Adult + Child) or even for your office colleagues.

Can I Get a Discounted Airfare for Making Groups Reservations?
There are Group travel discounts for certain flights. But provides an advantage of a Similar Fare for all. That means for all the 10+ passengers fare will be same and confirmed.

How Much Time Can I Take to Complete My Groups Travel Booking?
Well, you can time as much time as you want to finalize the number of passengers traveling. But If you already requested a fare quote. Then the quoted fare will last for only 24 hours. After that, the fare may increase.

How to Use Spirit Group Travel Booking Program?
A fare quote for groups travels can only be requested by filling group travel form.
sure that you only request the fare quote for 10 or more passengers only.
Our team will attend to customer looking for group travel fares over the phone.
We’ll revert within 3 Business days with all the specific info regarding your group travel booking.
If you already hold group booking and have any queries. You can simply call Farezhub helpdesk for best prices.
Before calling regarding your groups travels, make sure to have your Spirits Airlines reservations number or PNR, along with your contact number handy with you.
Spirit Group Travel Benefits
Confirmed seats for all the 10 or more passengers traveling in a group and are part of Spirits Airlines Groups Travel Booking.
You need not pay the full amount 60 days before the actual departure date.
Spirits Airlines will assign a dedicated groups travel reservation specialist to provide you the solution to all your questions and concerns.
A group can travel without a paper ticket. That means only PNR or booking number will be more than sufficient for groups to travel with Spirit.
Spirit Airlines Groups Booking Terms
To confirm a groups’ travel reservation. You have to pay $5 per person, a non-refundable booking fee.
If your group has more than 60 days to travel, You have to pay a non-refundable deposit of $40 per person within a week. That will be adjusted while doing the final payment to Spirit Airlines
In case, If you are going to fly with Spirits within the next days along with your group. Then you have to pay the complete ticket amount for all the passengers at the time of booking.
You have to hand over the list of all the 10 or more passengers along with the final payment 60 days prior to departure.
Spirit Airlines does not accept payment from multiple sources. But all major credit cards and checks are accepted. That means the complete booking amount must be paid with a single card or check only.
The free name change will be there if the request had been raised more than 30 days prior to departure.
However, If the name change requested within or less than 30 days prior to departure. A fee of $50.00 per person will be applicable.
Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy For Group Travel Booking
When traveling in a group with Spirit Airlines. You have to make sure that the final list of all the passengers must meet the passengers that will be going to travel actually. Because, after finalizing the payment and handing over the passenger list to Spirits. It can be really hectic for you to make any kind of amendments to the existing reservations. However, some minor changes to your flight tickets can be done for a small fee. But, If you or any member from the group seeks cancellation of his/her reservations. Trust me, That will not be possible not only with Spirit but with any other airline.

In short, Spirit does not allow the cancellation for a single passenger from the group. But If the card holder or the primary passenger insists. The reservation for all the passengers can get canceled. However, you will not be able to get the refund to the actual payment source. But Spirit will provide a future credit with a validity of 1 year only. That at the end can be considered as a big loss to all the group members.

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Cheap Flight Hack
If you think that the Group fare quote you saw earlier from Spirit is a bit high. Simply visit Farezhub.com and get the quotation price of making reservations for group passengers. Then check the price again for the rest of the passengers. If the total fare comes up less than what was quoted to you earlier by the group booking specialist, go ahead and grab that deal. Our travel specialists toil endlessly 24/7 to create the best flight deal with grand savings.

Pro Tip:- Book within 24 hours after getting the fare quote or else in 90% of cases, youmight witness an increase in airfare.

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